Well Christmas is over with a nice hard thud and reality has well and truly set in because I left a week to cram my 3,000 word essay and all my reading for term in before going back to York next Tuesday. Good one Jess. When really I just want to scavenge for leftover Christmas chocolates, snuggle up by the fire because that’s what I’m writing about Bilbo Baggins doing so why shouldn’t I? I’ll throw in a second breakfast as well *dreamy*.
But it is of course the new year, which in turn actually does this year mean a new me. I always love the new year, resetting to a blank. I find it very reassuring and motivating (apart from with essays) to be able to openly set yourself goals and focus on what you want to achieve during the year as a whole. As let’s face it saying “I’ll lose weight” is about as useless as setting no goals, you gotta be specific so “I’ll lose x amount by the end of 2017” is a good way to do it and accounts for any slight mishaps you may have with your healthy eating and exercising, some may say mistakes, but *not to sound too Miranda like* what I call life.

I feel like I made huge progress in 2016 in terms of moving forward with my life, away from my depression, settled in York, have my house in York with 5 amazing friends, and really have a great deal of special people in my life now. I feel sassier and happier than I have in a very long time, and that is my platform to move further forward in 2017 *eek*.

I’m a huge goals person, I love to make lists, tick them off, move on, boom. My fam and I have a NY tradition that we go to a coffee shop or out for lunch and write all our resolutions on a paper napkin. It’s cute but v impractical, but we’re a sucker for tradition. Anyway, here is a more legible copy of napkin resolutions for 2017:

*Try Everything is playing by Shakira as obvs gonna boss this year.*


For about two years I have been sitting on an idea for a novel that I really like, and I’ve tweaked and added plot details too the whole time. But so far I have one chapter, which is not that much to show for two years of thinking. I was getting annoyed at how I could visualise a chapter but not write it down in a way that I thought was good enough. I read an interview with Giovanna Fletcher and when asked how to write, her answer was to just write. Now yes that’s a kettle calling a kettle black and all that, but I really got it. As much as I get tangled in my thoughts the only way it’s going to happen is if I write. (Yes I am that stupid).


Kayla is a genius, her programme works and she’s fab and motivating, but my god it’s a killer and all dat jumping. Anyway, this year rather than doing half of it and giving up I am going to complete the whole programme as I notice a huge difference in my body and muscle definition, so imagine the difference when I’ve done the whole thing! I’m starting it on the 9th Jan as she’s re-doing the programme herself, hoping that will motivate me more!


This is my absolute favourite NY resolution and I’ve done it for maybe three/four years running now. It’s quite hard and understandably some of the photos are a tad dull, but having to take a photo a day normally means you have to do something other than just chilling in ya pjs or do something different to make the photos all a tad different. Not that 365 of my dogs Lulu and Barney would not be fab too, but just to mix it up. Also it’s a great way to then look back over your year and find little memories you may have forgotten.


Last year I took a break from doing anymore events for Thorpe Hall, mainly because it finally took my toll on me recollecting memories about our time with Dad in the hospice, when I just wanted to move forward and miss my Dad for himself, that included all the wacky times we shared before he was ill. But in truth I’ve missed it, and when collating Martin’s Memorial Wall (read about that here) TH were asked how much Team Bacon had raised for Sue Ryder. In total, just under the name Team Bacon we’ve raised around £80,000, and that is not including the donations made simply in memory of Dad or through previous events where we didn’t use the team name. Which is AMAZING. It makes a huge difference to the hospice and if it helps at least one family then it is all worth it. I’ve had a sneaky meeting over Christmas at SR head office in London and there are some exciting things ahead!


It’s always good to evaluate and think what you could do better at. Especially over Christmas I’ve been aware of how much the small things really matter, and my aim is to just be kinder in 2k17. Doesn’t need much explaining quite self-explanatory.


I love blogging, but I have like 79549 things to do and a mind that goes on tangents faster than warp speed. I also just always put blogging last, because in the long run it’s actually more important to finish the essay I’m avoiding than write all this out, BUT I enjoy it and it’s super fun and that’s also important. Also, uni is a hilarious mess of a time so it’ll be nice to keep a log of it to laugh at later.


This always is worth keeping in mind, but I feel as I’ve enjoyed working at home over christmas as well as essay writing, seeing friends, family and scrolling through insta for wayy too long that I want to keep this balance of everything that I’ve started. Though sometimes I fall off it and think eek I’ve spent too long procrastinating, or too long working and not done uni work, but I’ve 100% enjoyed myself and sometimes that’s the best way for things to be. IMG_0442.JPG

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