Term 2 Take 2 

Finally submitted my essay *do a lil dance* thank beJesus. I thought having a Christmas to write one essay would be plenty of time, especially since we did a 1,000 plan last term, but nooo… so note to self don’t leave York without writing the vacation essay because it will ONLY end in regrets.

Anyway, it’s done, farewell to the Hobbit, hello life. I’m driving back to York tomorrow to settle back down before our seminars start again next week *eek*. I frantically packed this evening and now I’m physically ready to go back. Not quite there mentally, but is anyone ready to learn Anglo-Saxon? Probably not. While undoubtedly this term will be intense (did I mention the Anglo-Saxon?!) I am super excited to get back to lush York again! But to prepare my still-on-holiday-mode-brain for uni again I’ve done these few things:

  • Updated my diary. Filled in my beau moleskin diary with all my seminars, lectures and social bits to look at the term ahead. I only have 2/3 days a week in class so need to fill up my time!
  • Made arrangements with friends before arriving back in York. I’ve already planned most of my evenings for the first two weeks, which is exciting and hopefully makes the transition back to York again very smooth.
  • Look/Plan a holiday for the summer or March. I’m currently deciding where and when I’d like to go away and having a little reward to focus on will get me through some of the duller days.
  • Drink lots of water. I’m always dehydrated atm, and just keeping hydrated makes a huge difference to my mood (along with coffee).
  • Sleep for 628737848 hours or as long as humanly possible before term starts and I will be constantly tired, hangry and probably with fresher’s flu again.

If everything goes to plan, then I will be blogging weekly about how term is going, and being a self-sufficient adult again *sigh*.

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