Let’s go to Thailand.

So I’ve been back in York for less than 6 hours and already booked a two week holiday to Thailand with my pal Ellie, bc uni isn’t uni if you don’t spend all your money and make the most of your life right? 

I mean why would students not randomly decide to travel when they have £0 money! So in true embrace-life and not-be-suppressed-by-uni fashion we’ve booked flights to Phuket in June *gasps* and imma just not look at my bank balance until payday.

It’s somewhere I’ve never been before and we’ve both always wanted to go. Also as a student to get a healthy work-life balance booking holidays is a necessity right?! I’ll tell myself that while I can only afford to eat rice all term. It’ll be worth it though, I’m so excited! 

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  1. January 16, 2017 / 7:00 pm

    I think you have a lovely spirit! Have lots of fun exploring Thailand.

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