Show me the money.

I sometimes find myself feeling like Chandler and Ross in Vermont that I need to find ways to make back the money I’ve spent on this little venture to uni, but unlike them I can’t really steal the salt, batteries, lightbulbs, toilet rolls or tampons *sigh*. There is also no maple candy involved. Dang.

The problem I mainly have is where does the money go? I spend £3,000 a term, well I get loaned and then immediately spend £3,000 a term to come and do an English degree where I have 7 hours of contact a week. Now S/O to Tim, Becca’s boyfriend and our source of all financial answers, as he worked out for us that for each lecture we miss we waste £90 *gasp*. Eh?

With that money I could buy 9 1/2 maybe 10 Salt and Pepper’s, aka a whole term’s worth. I could buy a FitBit, or get a flight to Amsterdam, or Norway, or France, or Germany. I could spend a night in anywhere in the UK. I could get the train home twice and back again, I could get to London and see a show – well a lil cheap one. For one, one hour lecture. Again I come to, eh?

Also it’s worth noting that some of our lectures aren’t worth a five pence piece, that mint that your Grandma had in the bottom of her bag for years, and a condom with a hole in. They are that useless.

So in my best Tom Cruise voice I ask for someone to Show me the money. PLS.

Even Office hours are hit and miss, some tutors are helpful, others unreliable and the others are too unaware of anything to even notice that you came to them for help and got diddly squat.

So it ain’t that surprising when you’re in lecture and look across and think I have never seen that human before, but we’ve been on the same course for a year and a half, because the reality is ain’t nobody got time for dat, or the resilience or patience to listen to pointless crap all the time.

I do have moments now and again of feeling like this is why I came to uni, for that inspirational talk or that tutor, or finding this amazing text, or learning about this v cool author, but it is still rare. So I just end up spending more money to compensate for the money I’ve spent on being here #logic, just don’t check ya bank balance. This must be why student overdrafts exist though *lightbulb*.

On a more positive note, you gotta take comfort in student memes as in the end that is hard proof that we all feel the same, everyone is poor, a glorified alcoholic, can’t feed themselves, on social media till 3am, watched all of Netflix twice, avoids responsibility etc. and we are all united in our wasting habits of borrowed dolla. What bants.

The image is what I’d prefer to spend my £90 on… being far away from the lecture hall.

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