This weekend I went to watch one of my fave bands FES at their launch gig for their first EP called ‘You do You’ at the Corner House in Cambridge. They are a three piece math pop band from Peterborough (they struggle to define math pop themselves apart from “weird time signatures” and it being “mathy” so I’m not even gonna try)  and they have such a unique sound. Which among mainstream pop, and recycling of the same old “here’s a boy/girl holding a guitar singing Ed Sheeran/Ben Howard or Fast Car” is soooo refreshing. And their EP which I feel as though I’ve waited forever for, is amazing both on the CD and live.

The album was kind of based around being yourself aka you do you, which has led to loads of conversations with Matt ending in, “well Jess, you know what, you just do you” – yep, I get it it’s relatable well done you – which is why I’m glad it’s out as he can do it to other people now instead, phew. You’ll probs have noticed if you have me on social media that I post about them now and again as Matt le boyf is the bassist, which probs seems crazy as they’re edgy af and I’m about as edgy as a circle *sigh*. So while I have a lil soft spot for them, their music is insane.

I want to say my favourite song off the EP is x but I can’t actually choose. The songs are all formulated in a similar style but each song is so different and catchy that I can listen to all of them and not skip one of them *gasp*. I’m one of life’s song skippers (yep I’m that annoying person) especially in the car, so it’s a big deal and a rare thing that I can listen to and enjoy an entire album. Go Easy and Talk It Out are probs edging towards the front for favourites, but as you’ll see when you’ve listened to it, it’s v hard to decide. Check them out here where you can listen to the single Talk it Out and then make the wise choice to buy a CD or some merch, yeh? I promise you will not regret it, and I have proved that you don’t need to be as edgy as them to absolutely love it.

They’ve taken their inspiration from bands such as ‘Fish Tank’, ‘Great Cynics’ and ‘Exploder Than You’ – the latter actually supported them at their EP gig. They’re kind of similar to Delta Sleep as well, they have a very unique and cool vibe.

I need to take a sec and talk about the album artwork as I love it, it looks great and the whole idea of coming out of your shell with numerous shells on the album supports the concept so well. The t-shirt carries on with the same theme, it’s a clever and simple design that looks great and goes perfectly with the EP.


So lemme tell ya a lil bit about them, 2/3rds of the band is made up of Holland-Wings, vocals are by Pollyanna Holland-Wing. Now Polly’s voice is amazing, and even though I know Polly I still get majorly fan-girl when watching them live, as she is so mother-effin talented. I mean she does the vocals, writes the majority of the songs, and is the lead guitarist… need I say more? Oh yep and she’s stunning.


Then there’s her bro the equally talented Tom Holland-Wing on the drums. Tom is again v talented and awesome, and can also tell ace knock knock jokes at gigs… well he tried and that made it funny. Also did I mention that FES are made up of the flippin nicest humans ever? Bc they are.


Then there’s my least favourite member Matt West, on the bass guitar. He again is insanely talented, attractive and he’s mine… How’d that happen?! I don’t know either, but lets just not ask that Q.

FES x ChristopherLG -76.jpg

It is by far my fave album of 2017 so far, and I feel like I’ve massively been missing out on Math Pop having only recently been introduced to it, so don’t do the same and check them out now. And if you like they’re music please support them on Facebook or visit their website and buy their stuff!


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