Summer Term

Guess who’s back? Only this Englished-out-free-ish gal! Yep after blog silence I’m back, as whilst I was leisurely blogging away in Spring Term, this term brushing my teeth for four minutes a day seems like a questionably long time to be doing something other than revision. But now, I’m free, yet term has not even finished… what is this magic??

This term has been manic and hilarious and I could just sum it up in about 328759 different student memes, half of it is also covered in an alcohol haze, but damn has it been fun.

The first four weeks of contact hours seemed loooong, a nice leisurely amount of time to go to the class, then revise, then yanoo go out in the evening and get drunk af without a worry. Then before you know it it’s 15 days till your first exam and you have a cold because you went out three times in one weekend, four times overall that week, woops. Good one Jess. So while I lamented over what a weaner I was for being sucked into shaking my ass all night and not getting out of bed to the libs in the morning mode and ow damn it’s hard to say no to Society… Yep I said it, Society has the greatest tunes and you know it. It’s reliably good, and the perfect stop off before the main clubs, what more could you want?!

Then I pulled myself together, or actually reversed by whole life by getting to the library for 8/9am (tears, many tears) and staying there till 6pm before gym and bed. Wild ass times. I also dragged many a course mate into this crime of a routine, bc misery loves company no? And eating alone in the library cafe always feels really weird, especially when you see a tutor and get paranoid they’ll come and sit with you – yep now you share my fear.

Then it all came to an end, I wrote something in an Anglo-Saxon essay and exam, which for Becca and I was such a surprise maybe until we see the results, but we still did it. Anyone need to know any random AS knowledge we are ya gals, actually just ask Martha as that’s what we do, she’s the fount of all knowledge fo sho.

I have had a ball tho with all my course pals, too many drinks and lots of fun has been had and it was the best way to end the term – even though it’s not ended yet.




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