Franky and Jess on Tour

Franky and I love to procrastinate and explore York or even Yorkshire, the further away we can get from work it seems the better. Of course this was only when exams were over, before hand the most adventurous thing was a Gatehouse coffee revision sesh instead of going to the library to have a tuna mayo jacket potato bc we’re real basic.

So we branched out, walked the walls and went to Gatehouse to sit outside and do some revision because it was sunny and why the heck not.

After exams were over though, we were outta York like a flash.

I’d like to point out that we never actually plan to go anywhere, we just kind of say ooh lets go for lunch and usually end up at Nando’s. No joke I’m pretty sure we’d had a Nando’s before this adventure, and then sat there like um what now. So we um-ed and ah-ed about what to do and instead of overthinking, I just started driving us somewhere.

We ended up in cute lil Helmsley and had some ice cream in the square, before having a lil mosey round the shops. Helmsley is cute af, but it is really small, you can explore the whole village in sub 20 mins. I would highly recommend the castle though, which I looked round a few weeks before this with my Mum and Josh, but we gave that a miss for today. But we didn’t really want to head back to York yet so went further into the Yorkshire dales. 

I drove us all the way to Scarborough so we could go on the beach and paddle in the sea, but the tide was completely in so the option was be sprayed by the waves hitting the pavement or dunk in the waist height sea level. We went for the former. Not so idyllic. Then we wandered around, had a look at the amusements and in all the seaside shops and obvs took many a photo as have you met Franky.

My lil princess ^^ 

The only downside of our adventures is that she’s god damn stunning, but she’s okay (jks she’s the dream) so I don’t mind being her ugly partner <3

PS I’m really sad that blogs can’t show boomerangs, as Franky’s life revolves around a good “boomy” – I have no idea why she calls them this haha, I have around 50 from the past two months alone.

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