Mum’s 50th

Yesterday was my Mum’s 50th Birthday, and to celebrate the occasion we finally convinced her to have a meal out with as many of her friends as were available two weeks before, bc we ain’t so good at making decisions or planning in our fam.

We started off the morning with breakfast and presents in bed, saw my Nan and Aunty, went out for lunch, before realising it was 3pm and we had to be at drinks at half 5. So we got dressed and popped the champagne we’d lovingly bought her. Side note who knew champagne was so expensive?! Going from uni and drinking Le Peri to having to having to buy a £40 of champagne was really painful, but she liked it so yay *cries*.

We then found our camera, which we’d lost, obviously after we’d finally found our charger that we lost 5 months ago, and took a few snaps before we left for dinner.

Then we headed to our fave place Cote Brasserie where the top floor was solely for partying Bacons. I’d dropped decorations off earlier so the room was ready and looked amazing. We managed to also get the cake Josh and I made to the restaurant in once piece, which was quite remarkable. We’d bought a 50 tin and made the 5 out of lemon drizzle cake and the 0 was a chocolate cake, with buttercream icing. Nom. I wanted to ice the sides, but apparently my talents don’t stretch that far yet, and we ran out of icing sugar, again good planning.

The evening went really smoothly, maybe thanks to the magic of refills of prosecco, or just because Cote are fab and our fam and friends are wonderful. It was an evening we’re all very grateful for, and overall I’m hugely pleased it did exactly what it was supposed to do; make my Mum feel very very loved.

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