Adventuring to: Scotland

Last week my family drove up to near Glasgow in Scotland to visit my cousins, and their new beautiful baby daughter. It was bank holiday weekend so to beat the Sunday traffic we set off at 4am to try and get there for a reasonable time in the morning and we actually made it there for 11am. We were V proud of ourselves.

The only time I’ve been to Scotland is to Edinburgh a few years ago and even then I think it was only a day trip, so it was nice to go up and see more of the country. The countryside is gorgeous, very dramatic and very much like Cumbria and the Lake District, very green, often undisturbed by humans for several miles and hilly af.

Anyway it was beyond lovely to see my fam, and meet my new niece – apparently that’s what I call her as my first cousin once removed, it’s SO confusing! After we’d had a cuppa and caught up we all headed to Mugdock Park, for a walk. Now yes it was about half an hour drive, but it was dreamy and I do love a country park with a country house, but who doesn’t. History, greenery, an Austen mantra of a walk-and-feel-better and the possibility for cream tea, um yes please.

It is a gorgeous park and we did a much longer walk than we expected after we did the usual Bacon I think I know where I’m going approach, when of course we didn’t. But it was a nice route and even though it was v uneven, baby Isobel slept the WHOLE WAY ROUND. Yes she’s a legend already.

Then we stopped for lunch obvs as we’re Bacons, and then headed back to Stacey and Ian’s, with a brief stop off at their casual local Loch, Loch Lomond.

It was the most breathtaking Loch I’ve ever seen – disclaimer it’s also the only one I’ve seen, but yanoo it was like amazing.

After a fab afternoon and evening we headed back to our B&B and my evening ended how all my evenings do at the moment, with a real good book for my degree, bc apparently a holiday isn’t a holiday when you go into third year *I cry*. But it was actually quite a good book, Henry James’ The Portrait of a Lady and it conveniently matched the decor, which is always v soothing right?

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