On Monday I’m going to Amsterdam with some friends, yay. We booked it on a whim for a friend’s 19th as for years we’ve been talking about a group holiday during summer, that just never really happened… for two years. So, we rapidly planned, booked and organised this about a month ago for one our oldest friends!

I’ve never been there before, and it will be the third country I’ve visited this year, so safe to say I cannot wait! I’m so desperate to travel and explore, but I find that despite having the¬†opportunity at university to take short breaks away with friends for a super cheap price as we can go during school term times *yasss* I’m so rubbish at organising it.

One of my new goals for this coming year at University is definitely to take more opportunities of travelling, whether that’s abroad or in England. I’ve had a year at York already and I still haven’t been to the Yorkshire moors, or Scarborough *sigh*. But as second years, with a house, and with two of my housemates taking cars we can have weekend road trips. I mean¬†who knows how we will survive without someone cleaning the kitchen weekly, but at least we can drive away from the mess and not worry about it.


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