This summer three friends of mine from University and I went to Budapest, we stayed in Pest side near the Opera House; Buda and Pest are united cities, but are physically separated by the Danube River and a small island, Margaret’s island.

I found that despite not having visited Budapest before, it seemed very familiar, with it’s Parisian styled streets and what felt like a recreation of the Champs Elysee leading to the Arc de Triumphe, where the road widens, and stretches all the way up to Heroes Square.

We were only there for a few days, so barely scratched the surface of the city. I personally would go back to look around the Hungarian Parliament, as it is meant to be as stunning on the inside as it is on the outside. Even so, I’ve made a list of things I would recommend to do are planning to go to Budapest:

  • A river cruise. It’s a cheap way to see the city, as you travel past several landmarks and learn about them and the island. You also have the chance to get off at the island and explore, which leads me too…
  • Visit Margaret Island! It’s a gorgeous central park, the whole distance of which can be walked in under an hour, but if you fancy going round in style then hire one of their electric cars, or pedal car. We hired an electric one and it is such a fun way to see the island, and your friends faces when they;’re put on the back bench of what can only be described as a car similar to Brum. There were also waterparks that looked amazing.
  • Visit one of the baths. We visited Szechenyi Thermal Bath and both the inside and outdoor pools are lovely, and it’s so fun on a hot day.
  • If you want a good night out, go to Instant Nightclub. I have no idea how many floors or rooms there are (there were too many to count after a drink) and all the rooms are furnished differently. There’s a basement, a lounge and bar, and so many other cool rooms.
  • Go and see, or visit the Hungarian Parliament. It’s so beautiful, how they get any work done there is beyond me.
  • Visit Budapest Zoo. We saw so many animals, including some that we had never seen before – Koala’s and Brown bears, and the two brown bears were cuddled together it was so cute that Steph actually cried.
  • Beer was the equivalent of £1. Enough said.



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