A Guide to having the Ultimate Birthday

So Birthday’s and I have not always been the best of friends. For a few years I’ve found it difficult to understand what the point of celebrating is? Time is passing, you’re getting older, more change, excuse to eat cake, hype, hype and then the day is… well, like every other day. Except you have more FB notifications.

But this year – OH MY DAYS. I had the best day ever, and the best birthday I’ve had in such a long time. I mean I was 21 so obviously, it was extra special, but I think I may now have the formula for the perfect birthday ever, here comes the advice.

Get someone else to plan it for you 

My Mum planned the whole day, and all I knew beforehand was that we were going to London, having lunch, and in the evening going out for dinner with some family and family friends. I was obvs already sold. But having someone else organise everything wipes out soooo much stress and panic to plan yourself a good birthday, make sure you can do what you want and wear that LBD but also see your Nan and look mildly sober. Also if you feel as though there isn’t anyone you would ask to arrange it for you, book an experience, or a restaurant you’ve been dying to go to, and they’ll arrange the rest for you. Or just book a train, or a plane if you’re feeling extra af, and go somewhere and follow someone else’s recommendations of what to do and where to go when you get there.

Go or Do Something New

This is a game changer. Rather than just doing whatever you normally do on your birthday, which for me usually involves going out to do something or other during the day, then having dinner & drinks with friends and family. Go somewhere new. Or do something you’ve never done before. So it feels a bit more special rather than yanoo another Tuesday.

Get dressed up

Where ever you’re going, wear something fancy. I feel like this should just be for any occasion really, even if you’re just going to Mcdonalds, it’s your birthday, wear something you feel great in.

Eat & Drink whatever you want

That should be a given really. But save up for that day and then eat whatever you want, or drink whatever you want. Do not try to diet on this day or feel any guilt for anything you eat – in life as well as on this day, but especially on your birthday. I never buy macaroons even though they taste like heaven and they’re so expensive for how small they are let’s be honest. But I bought a couple on my birthday from Lauderee and it was SO worth it. I’m with Dappy and have No regrets.

You kind of get the point… The best way to feel like a Birthday Queen is 10/10 to have no clue what is going on, whether that is alcohol induced or not – your choice, but a surprise birthday even if it’s a car journey to a pub in the middle of nowhere with amazing views, is gonna be great as you had no idea where you were going, so absolutely no worries about it.

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