A Little Life Update

No matter how hard we try to avoid it – undertaking several degrees, gap yahs, and “I’m finding myself holidays” – real life comes round to us all in the end. Great.

I was very aware of the fact that real life had begun and I had nada going on, I was muddling through and scrambling to make random plans so it felt like I actually had a plan.

But holey moley things came together real fast, thankfully. I moved back home, graduated and (very fortunately) managed to get two jobs.

HOLLA MONEY MY NEW FRIEND. I’d like to say old friend, but uni is a lil ol’ drain on the bank. Especially when the hobbies encouraged at uni include alcohol, pitty food, and paying £10 to go into a club to dance in practically no clothes with your friends. Ahh, student life.

Yet nobody panic guys, I bought a lil budget book, and… it’s still in it’s packaging waiting to be used. Worth it.

Obvs as soon as life hit me with all these real responsibilities, I dusted off my Moleskine Diary and got planning again, as my brain is like a bag of cats if I don’t write things down. Organising is kinda my thing, being busy and powering through a hefty to do list, just makes me feel like I really do run the world. When actually I’ve just managed to briefly control all the strings of my life, before I drop the ball again and watch Gilmore Girls for 2 hours in my pyjamas. I tried eh?

I am completely used to being back home now. I love my family, so they’re never an issue, but going back into your teenage room for longer than a month or two can feel as though you’re regressing. I don’t really get that anymore as I’m busy and I’m mid decorating. I’m at the “ooh let’s put every colour I like on the wall” stage, so I just have a patchwork of extremely similiar neutral paints on my wall.

Also I’d like to welcome back my morning routine, hello to you. I haven’t had a morning routine since uni ended, even then uni was so relaxed that a routine was kinda unheard of. I’d usually just make a list and randomly do those things in the day, like shower, gym, work, meet so and so. Throw in a night out and cook, and that’s a dreamy day.

Coming to terms with leaving York has been more difficult than I expected, I definitely took for granted the option of doing fresher’s again and the mellow, yet drunken, yet no pressure, yet pressure whirlwind that uni is. It is an experience you will never have again unless you did another degree, and even then it would be so different to the original. I’m a southern, white rose, for life now.

Anyhoo. I’m working as features editor (pinch me) of two home renovation/self-build/ interior design magazines, and three yearbooks. Official (I know), and it’s just a dream job tbh. I feel ridiculously lucky to be working there. This is also a work-life secret, if you love work, it doesn’t feel like work. Like I get paid to write and edit. How did that happen??

Then on Saturday’s I’m teaching Drama and Singing at Razzmataz Theatre School in Cambridge. NO YOU’RE CRYING. I teach 4-11 year olds drama, and it’s amazing.

My Mum is also very excited as of course she takes this as a sign that I will end up in the family bizz of teaching… keep dreaming mumma.

Also no one’s perfect, I’m beginning as an adult and while I may seem to be in good stead, life loves them swings and roundabouts, so do not be fooled. I mean on the flip side, the wow-i’m-a-baby-someone-help-me side I almost reversed into a car the other day. I only do washing once my basket overflows (as that’s what I did at uni). And it took me 2 weeks to figure out how to scroll using the mouse at work. Lol jks I still don’t know how to use it and I’ve been there for a month. Send help.

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