Adventuring to: the Emma Bridgewater Factory

So this is part of a lil series I’m doing about where I’m adventuring off too, and today we headed to the Emma Bridgewater Factory in Stoke on Trent as my Mum is OBSESSED with Bridgewater. As soon as we arrive – even though we’ve been before – she was SO excited.

The factory do tours and explain the process of how each mug is made, from the mould to the art studio, the designs, to being painted before going into the kiln. We didn’t do the tour this time, but went straight to the decorating studio where you pick a plain piece of pottery in one of the Bridgewater styles and decorate it with one of numerous sponge designs they have. You can replicate the polka dots, hearts or stars or get real adventurous with a lil leafy design, dogs, dinosaurs or maybe even an avocado. Dreamy right??

I would recommend keeping it simple, my brother always forgets this and regrets it, but a dog, union jack, stars and dots don’t ever go. Also some sponges work better than others, so you have to be careful to chose ones that will actually print well on the mugs as some of them look dodgy af. But once your mistakes dry you can scrape them off and start over, phewww.

So after we got real arty and made our obligatory mug, we went to the Gift shop, and I lost my Mum for a good hour or two as she looked at each pattern and decided which ones she desperately needed this time, despite having cupboards full at home #shopoholiclogic.

Since today is the last day of Mum being 49 we let her enjoy picking out her mugs before we told her we’d booked Afternoon Tea for three in the cafe as a surprise for her. I would recommend the afternoon tea especially if you love cakes like my bro as 50% consisted of some fine lil sweet treats.

All in all it was a really nice way to start Mum’s birthday celebrations, and no matter how many times you go it is still as dreamy as before, unless you don’t like Bridgewater or anything crafty, then this deffo ain’t ya kind of heaven.

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