The Grand Canyon, Arizona

On Day 6 of our Great Bacon American Roadtrip we had booked a hotel in the Grand Canyon – and intended to go there, but we had no transport. So at 6:30am my Mum went down to the rental car section of our hotel, bc hey Vegas has everything, and she tried to get a car; unfortunately the only averagely sized car they had was a convertible mustang… Which Mum declined – can you believe it. So we booked a normal car from the airport, to collect later after we’d obviously been in the pool and had an all you can eat buffet brunch-inner. It was actually the only meal we had that day.

Anyway after we were relaxed and well fed we got back to travelling, and as I mentioned on the way we stopped off at the Hoover Dam! Then continued over the bridge by the dam to cross into Arizona. Disclaimer for ya, we didn’t realise that the part of the Grand Canyon we’d booked our hotel in was in Arizona until the nice rental car lady told us and told us it was a six hour drive, to which my Mum looked at me with a what we call face-of-doom. Thank you for that lady.

We’d chosen to stay at a Best Western in Tusayan, which was a five minute drive to the Grand Canyon South Rim entrance. It was a fantastic hotel! The South Rim was in fact a 4 and a half hour drive from Vegas, which wasn’t so bad really, BUT there was the worst storm ever going through the mountains. Fork lightening literally meters to our left and right, I was convinced we would have a tornado… mainly because I’ve seen Twister too many times but it was not good. But then there was a spectacular sunset, so it all evens out I guess.

We arrived in darkness, grabbed a coffee and a nibble, checked out the gift shop (obvs) and went to bed.

Day 7

We woke and went for a in the hotel’s indoor pool, yes indoor, as it was only around 10 degrees in the morning and the weather in Arizona was v temperamental. It was cool in the mornings and evenings, warm from 10-3 and then both afternoons we had terrible storms.

Then it was buffet breakfast time, now this breakfast was particularly fun. There was as per tons of fruit, ENGLISH TEA, endless coffee and mounds of scrambled eggs and strip bacon – um yum. But what entertained Mum and Josh for ages was the waffle machines, where you poured the batter in and cooked them yourself. Easily pleased aren’t they.

After regrouping our things and changing outfits as the weather was already warming up we drove to the entrance to head into the Grand Canyon National park.

It was $30 for us to get into the park in the car – so it only worked out $10 per person – but it was a weekly pass, so it is super super cheap. Once you get into the park there is so much to do, you can do probably half of the canyon by foot and shuttle bus and the other half in your car, unless you’re up for a 23 mile walk to Desert view tower.

So we did the walk first, and walked round past the visitors centre to Mather Point, to meet this  view.

It was spectacular. Unless you’ve seen it it’s very hard to explain or comprehend how something that complex and MASSIVE was made by naturally.

After we’d walked round all that we could and taken some amazing photos, we headed to one of the very popular cafes to have lunch. I mention this as I had the best meatball sub EVER and an enormous brownie, no shame.

Then we went back to the car to explore the longer track to Desert Watchtower. It was built in 1923 by an American architect Mary Colter, it was designed to look like an ancient watchtower, and it functions as one too, as you can go into the tower and get a spectacular view of the canyon.

We spent a while here, before the grey clouds started to come in and we could see the rain falling across the canyon and decided to head back to lower ground. Mainly bc all the signs said don’t be outside in your cars when storms happen, yanoo bc of all the dangerous af fork lightening.

This is rain ^ This is also rain… not twisters.

What a crazy af place ey??

Then as we headed back to the visitor centre and Grand Canyon village, we stopped off at Lipan Point and took this awesome lil snap.

We did leave the park briefly to go and have some dinner and get warmer clothing as that’s Arizona life, but then went back for the sunset. Now I had a great time, my fam on the other hand… well… they lost me and were freaking out. While I had run round to the furthest point possible to see the incredible sunset, but this magical moment lasted a lot longer than a moment, it was like 30 mins and I didn’t even realise… so then had to walk back round in the dark trying to avoid the ELK, yep just casual Elk and Moose roaming around, to then find the fam, and show them my amazing photos.

I would go back in a heartbeat.

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