Adventuring to: Malham Cove and Gordale Scar

Yesterday, Becca and I decided to spend a pound or two, on some exercise, hold onto ya hats. We went on… one of the Outdoor Society’s walks in the Yorkshire Dales. It was dreamy. I am such an outdoors kinda gal, as nothing beats having a great walk in the countryside and going to bed with achey feet, and sleeping like a baby bear in hibernation.

It is something we’ve talked about doing for a while, and as we have a limited time left here at York we’re getting on with our uni bucket list right away. Also it’s so flipping easy as it’s cheap, organised for us (B has poor map skills – she wasn’t a scout *sigh*) and THERE’S A PUB LUNCH GUYS. So obvs we were in, bc it sounded like they understood us, walk, pub, walk, sleep on coach home – which we did.

This turned out to be a great decision.

So after a two hour coach journey, which was pretty chill and scenic as obvs this is through the Yorkshire Dales, we arrived in Malham a small village in the heart of the Dales National Park. The first half of the morning, that’s pre-pub lunch we spent walking to Malham Cove.

It doesn’t take long to walk to Malham Cove at all, but if you want to go to the top, which we did then you have to walk up to the top. I’m so okay with walking up hills, what I am not so keen on is a million and one steps to get up said hill. I don’t just mean a few steps, I mean 89 FLOORS. Let’s just take a mo to thank ma FitBit for documenting this once in a lifetime moment. I’ve also never wished that I’d done more cardio rather than indulging in weights, EVER, all the ragrets. But we made it to the top, to get this cray view of the Dales.

Also does this view look familiar? The top of the cove?

YEP IT DOES. It’s only where Harry and Hermione escape to in the Deathly Hallows P2 film. They weren’t there today though, or the charms were v good to us lil muggles.

After choosing which rock to perch upon to get the best view, we sat for a total of 2 min, before we were off again and directed down a road, A REAL TARMAC VILLAGE ROAD, to walk back to the pub, aka the easy quick route to feed the hungry walkers.

The pub lunch did not disappoint, we decided to go rogue and not have a roast dinner, regrets you may ask? But we were happy with our choice. Mainly because it was a trio of sausages with onion gravy and bacon and kale mash, how could we go wrong? Have you heard of anything more dreamy? I miss it even now.

 At this moment it’s worth enlightening you to how the brain of Becca works, despite being full, she had just bought a scone and any excuse to eat meant she ate it straight after this. It’s a good decision to eat more, as you never know when you’ll eat again right? But not so much when you’re off to do another walk. But you live and learn ey? And she did.

We now walked to “the gorge” only now do I know what it’s called, Gordale Scar (great name right) and what a gorge actually is, as I’ve now seen one *yay* – I live a sheltered life. Yep, so we wandered down to his view, and were like wow how nice.

Little did we know that this bad boy was round the corner…

Ain’t nature pretty?

I’d like to point out that two crazy men climbed up the top of the waterfall really casually while we were all watching, it was v scary and cool, but if they’d slipped they would deffo have died, and that’s a bit too extreme for a Sunday I think.

All in all it was real good, and despite not climbing a waterfall, we saw a really nice part of Yorkshire we’d never seen before, ate good food, and got to go on a lil adventure. We’ll deffo be doing one of the Outdoor Society’s walks again, but this time we’ll pick up our walking boots from home as turns out £10 Primark trainers have no grip, who knew?

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