Autumn Term Week 1

It’s here, it’s third year *many many tears*. I now only really have two terms left of my degree, and 8 final months of living in York – ahhhhh. This makes me v sad, but also it’s really excited, bc who knows what happens next?

I mean I probably do know, it’ll be me working some random job, being poor, dreaming of my dream job and crying on my dog and eating ice cream, bc real life is hard ey?

But until that point I’ll enjoy my lovely lil uni bubble, and forget it’ll burst soon. While it feels like 8 months time is ages, I just know it’ll fly by. Especially since I have just finished my first week and I have no idea where it went.

It was only freshers week tbf, which is always crazy and jumbled, but I did move into my new flat which is like an Ikea storage dream, and absolutely perfect bar the fact I can’t bring my pooch Lulu. I have met my new fab housemates tho and bonded over food, more food, some alcohol and poorly played pool. Bc if your friendship isn’t based on food is it even a friendship?

My accomodation is also only a 10 min walk to campus, which is the dream. Mainly as last year I was in a lovely old people’s village around a 30-40 min walk from main campus, where I have all my classes. I did have my car which obvs meant I got around quickly, but that was to compensate for the fact I lived a good walk from main campus, bc the priority was a cool house and monies, duhh. So being close to campus is soooooo nice and convinent, not that I have more contact hours – still a feeble lil 7 hours a week. But I do need to work on campus more now, for like oh what’s that called, oh yep, my dissertation.

Also this week I’ve been preparing for the work for the term, for the play I’m putting on and for my fab friends play that’s on tomorrow! It’s been lots of fun to already be doing rehearsals and being in the drama barn. There’s something v calming about a black box, would 10/10 recommend.

Also as the Economist Brand Ambassador for my university – fancy I know – I worked Fresher’s Fair this year, which I absolutely loved. It was flipping hard to begin with when my sales pitching was a bit rusty, but it was a fantastic day and once we got into the swing of things we had tons of sign ups. Even though I pitched to a couple of people for 5 mins for, then I’d ask if they were interested, to the reply nope and them walking away. Good waste of your life and mine, ty.

Then I’ve spent most of today inputting all the subscription data into a spreadsheet which is always v soothing – who doesn’t love an organised spreadsheet?! But also a tad stressful as I had forgotten how hard handwriting is to read. Is it a 3 or a 5, or an s? Who knows. Hopefully me, really, but we shall see. 

It has been FAB to get back, get organised and get my marbles back in ma sassy bag to get on it for this final autumn term, woo. And now all my pals are back too, yay! I feel like Lucy will definitely be pleased after messaging and seeing her every day, but we don’t have long left so have to make the most of it right?

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