Autumn Term Week 2

My days it’s been a busy lil week, and I have the cold to prove it. Yep, my immune system is so weak after one week of mania I have already descended into a sneezy lil snotty haze, I cry. I think I may have cured myself with lots of lemon & honey and paracetamol, as it’s cheaper to buy lemons than Lemsip as FYI lemsips are the biggest rip off ever, £3 something for 5 sachets, jog on mate. Combined with endless soup, many layers and a day of “rest” if you call alternating reading, planning and watching Sherlock rest.

It has been good ol’ fun too though; everyone is finally back in York, which means lots of random meetings, catch ups and the standard coffee work date is back. This week also saw the breaking of Lucy’s Betty’s virginity… I feel likee maybe I’ve just violated a lovely tea room, but can you believe she’d never been before? We’ve only lived here for two years now, but finally we got Lucy to Betty’s and had a dreamy lil meal and cuppa.

This week I also had a pretty hefty chunk of lectures, as the English Department apparently wanted to shock our system with four lectures our first week back, as opposed to two, first world problems ey. They were however, v interesting, well done York.

I have to say I am actually very excited about these modules, so excited I used the word ‘very’ as opposed to v, things just got serious. I’m taking 1910-Present British and Irish Literature and 19th century American Literature, I could have taken a special module in something more fun like Writing in the Marketplace, but I chose two period modules as I have done relatively little late British, Irish and American literature, and felt I needed the change after ending the previous year with learning and reading Anglo-Saxon. Seems fair right?

This week I also had a small part in my two very talented friends’ play called Counting Worms, a comedy set in a failing funeral parlour – need I say more? It was fantastic to be apart of, it went perfectly on the night, and I am so pleased for Holly and Kate that we pulled their unique lil script off!

On a similar note I have also been running rehearsals this week for my lil play/comedy sketch thang that’s being performed in the Drama Barn on Monday night, which has all been going pretty smoothly really. It should be really considering it is literally 13 pages long, all I have left to do is costumes and tech. But what I have learnt from this experience is that putting a play on by yourself is flipping stressful. I’ve had my work performed once before in a group of plays, but a woman was overseeing all the producing sides of the plays, marketing, etc. So I got to turn up, direct a pre-auditioned and selected cast and then watch it be performed and watch people’s reactions to my work. This time it’s also different as I’m in it, and we’re all pretending to be teeth, but it’s original so I guess I have that *yay*. Note to self, don’t do this in future.

I’ve also had a strange revelation, what I hear you cry, well, after probably four weeks of going to the gym 4-5 times a week, going down to none this week from having a cold and being “too busy” aka not prioritising it, made my mood plummet. Crazy ey? I have noticed SUCH a difference in how blue, bored, stressed, anxious, *insert-annoying-feeling-here*, I have felt this week compared to previous weeks. So I’ll be making the gym a priority again, because dang it actually does help, who knew, oh wait EVERYONE. Just go flipping do it. Make time, it’s important.

I’ve also had other lil bits on like filling in a subscription spreadsheet for everyone who signed up to the Economist at Fresher’s Fair, all 160 of them. Which took forever, but it was a great  excuse to watch more Gossip Girl too, until my mulit-tasking failed.

Today has probably been my most interesting day of the week as Becca and I headed on a walk to Malham Cove with the Outdoor Society at York. It was a few pounds to be driven to Malham about two hours away from York, to then walk to Malham Cove, stop for lunch at the pub in the village (PS this being the only reason Becca signed up) and then we had a walk to Gosdale Scar. It was stunning, as the Yorkshire Dales always are, and we had such a nice day. Malham is very cute, so cute infact that a woman had turned her shed into a kitchen and was selling the traybakes she’d made outside her house. She’d also baked scones with jam and cream in, it was a v easy sale to Becca and I. Her company is called The Baking Shed – clever ey – so if you’re nearby you have to check it out as the cakes were amazing! When I got home and made a cuppa I had a piece of the flapjack; it was dreamy to say the least.

I’ll probs write another post about our walk as it really was stunning, and a good way to spend a day, but 25,000 steps later imma need to sleep now. Roll on WK 3… PS the term is going so fast, help pls.

PS York also looked v pretty this week when I was on campus for rehearsals and auditions, well done pal.

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