Autumn Term Week 3

This has felt like a freakishly long week, somehow, and man it’s been a weird one. To sum up: I accidentally stabbed myself in the hand, put a play on about teeth, did a presentation on a book I didn’t read, bullshit about whales in my other seminar, watched the Great Gatsby and a lot of Marvel and was in a Sue Ryder video. I also came home for the weekend which was just the dream, and saw the drama society’s weekend play, Playhouse Creatures which was incredible, agh so much talent. Yep, so it’s been busy to say the least and a v mixed bag of joy and pain, as you can imagine.

I think I spoke about my lil breakdown in A&E and accidental hand stabbing enough already here┬áso I’ll leave that fun topic. But yep that was my Monday, followed by doing my play about teeth, the cast were all fab and brought medicinal cakes and chocolate which just highlights again how wonderful they are as human beings and teeth. The photos of the tech run have also just captured the gripping themes of the play so well.

OOH I also had an epiphany this week, that I must share with you as it will probs save your life. Ready for this life changing bit of info?? Well. Stress is STUPID, and not worth it, at all, ever, nada, nope, never. If you find yourself too stressed out about something, something is really wrong. Figure out what it is, and get rid of that stress right now. Even if that means doing the worst job first, do it, decrease your stress or you will lose the plot and have accidental disasters; which in turn adds to your stress, making you more stressed, so avoid like the plague yeh?

Tuesday’s seminar involved our tutor telling us we would be having a “conversation with Melville” where she’d say a line of Moby Dick to which we had to then respond as though we were having a conversation with the author. Yep you heard right. There was some Grade-A bullshit going round for about 30 mins as we did this, and I realised that sometimes it is in fact the very people who are meant to inspire me that make my degree feel pointless. Love that.

Ahh then on Thursday I did a presentation on a book I hadn’t finished – recurring theme I hear you say, well no, just this week. It was on To The Lighthouse, and after doing a presentation on it, I am happy to report I made the right decision to not read it. Maybe when I have more time to think about the symbolism, rather than “the lighthouse is phallic” – really no way? Oh of course way, as apparently 80% of everything we read is actually phallic, and for that I blame Freud.

Also if you do an English degree I feel like it’s comforting to know that not everyone reads everything, god forbid, and we all still survive. Shocker. Simply because there is SO much, so if you can’t get into the text for one week then just read the parts necessary for the seminar and read the rest some other time, if you want to. I would limit this to maybe one book per module, two max, but also just read them before term starts if they’re big books, you don’t need that kind of stress. Also we know you’re not going to choose to go out with your friends than read a boring book, so why delude yourself that you will, feels?

On a happier note I rediscovered how wonderful work dates in Waterstones are, it’s cheap, cute and very conveniently right in the centre of York, so you feel as though you’re a real human, rather than a hybrid adult-child in the uni bubble. I still think my favourite meme about uni is that uni is just like nursery, you have no idea what’s going on and miss your mum.

Too relatable.

Side note, how annoying is it when you’ve found the best meme ever, but you didn’t save it, and are left to wonder if you’ll ever see it again? It’s such a sad thought.

Also I’m too afraid to work in the library yet – for long periods of time anyway – as everyone seems to have their life together there, when in reality I know they don’t, but I don’t need that kinda deceit in my life. So I’ll avoid it for now, and just treat it as a book drive through.

All in all there was a lot of bullshit this week really, we talked bull in seminars, bull in my presentation, and then I went home and watched Bull as god damn Michael Weatherly, mmm.

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