The Best Christmas Films

Tis the season to be jolly without the help of alcohol, but then with alcohol because we have to celebrate how jolly we feel as it’s CHRISTMAS. It’s basically the time of year when it’s acceptable to be a Hobbit, stay in, snuggle up in an armchair, and eat as many meals as you can justify, with mince pies in between.

And one of my favourite parts of Christmas is that not only is it a wonderful holiday, but it’s a holiday that comes with its own music, traditions, foods and films. Films you can only watch – and not feel weird about – at this time of year, as it just doesn’t feel natural watching Buddy in NYC in snow in June. It messes with our emotions, like am I sad about it being warm here, or sad because I wish it was Christmas, or sad because I’m eating for a winter bod but it’s summer. You see the dilemmas.

So to soak up the goodness of festive films you have to try and watch as many as possible, as many times as you can, before it is again unacceptable to watch them – leaves a very very small window to enjoy them you see. I have lived by this and watched a least half an hour of a festive film every single day, so now being an expert on all things festive in the film department here are my recommendations. And if you can recommend any other pls hmu as I am always ready to expand my somewhat limited selection of festive films.


The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear, or watch Elf.

The Santa Clause series

Yes, they are Disney films, yes Tim Allen is Santa and yes all three are amazing. Watch them, watch them now. The first is probably my favourite though as the soundtrack is just perfect for the film.

Love Actually

Another great soundtrack, and Richard Curtis classic. Definitely one of my all time favourite films. Emma Thompson makes me cry every single darn time.

The Holiday

Not technically a Christmas film, but it’s set at Christmas, and it’s just dreamy.

The Grinch

The Nativity

Martin Freeman is the dream in everything.

Miracle on 34th Street

Home AloneĀ 


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