As you may know blogging is my side hustle, but it does bring me a small income in different ways…

Sponsored Blog Posts

These will always be declared with ‘AD’ in the title and then a sentence at the beginning declaring the brand and purpose of the content.

Gifted Items/Experiences

On my blog and social media all my gifted items will be marked as one of the following: [AD-Gifted], [AD – PR Product] or [AD – Press product] to comply with ASA regulations.

Affiliate Links

I will declare if there are affiliate links in a blog post at the beginning of a post or near the item name, then in social media I will write AD | affiliate / aff link.

Affiliate links give a few pennies to creators when you click on the links, but don’t cost you any additional money.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.