apologia london

Apologia at Trafalgar Studios

On Saturday I went to see Apologia at Trafalgar Studios in London. I haven’t had the a chance to read the play but here is the synopsis: Kristin Miller is an eminent art historian about to celebrate her birthday with her family. What should be a happy occasion is revealed to be anything but. The recent […]

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The Hoover Dam, Nevada

As we drove from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon we passed the Hoover Dam. You can’t see it from the road, you have to go down a very narrow steep road, through high security and park for the pleasure of seeing the dam. But it’s so worth it! The Dam impounds Lake Mead (which […]

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las vegas nevada

A weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada

So Las Vegas is like nowhere I’ve ever been before. We drove across from LA which took us around four hours through the desert and with Friday traffic, before out of nowhere in the middle of nothing was shiny Vegas BABY (said like Joey). There is no equivalent to Las Vegas in the UK, in […]

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los angeles city

Los Angeles, California

I thought writing about Los Angeles would be easy as I only have great things to say, but there’s so much to mention. We LOVED Los Angeles. Hollywood Boulevard – Chinese Theatre, Dolby Theatre  This not only has all the Hollywood stars on the pavement but it is is also home to the Chinese theatre, […]

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north norfolk coast

Reunion on the North Norfolk Coast

On Tuesday Becca and I woke up ridiculously to have a reunion on the North Norfolk Coast with Lucy. We were heading to the coast for an overdue catch up, sea air and of course, Fish and Chips. We drove inland and picked up Lucy from her idyllic house and then headed to Wells-Next-To-The-Sea. Wells […]

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how to prepare for third year at university

How to Prepare for Third Year

First of all I feel writing a post called how to prepare for third year is slightly misleading, as I’m not sure I know how to prepare for third year. But over the past two years I’ve definitely learnt how to be prepared for a term. I’ve also learnt that it really back fires if you don’t […]

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