Bakeshop, York

I was never really someone who brunched that much before visiting Bakeshop and other cafes in York. I would prefer to have two meals rather than just one, but then I realised you can eat more to compensate as it is essentially one meal with the calories of two. Dreams. Yet York has so many […]

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exploring yorkshire

Exploring Yorkshire with Franky

Franky and I love to procrastinate and explore Yorkshire, the further away we can get from our work the better, it seems. Our adventures began after exams, before that the most adventurous thing was a Gatehouse coffee revision sesh instead of going to the library to have a tuna mayo jacket potato, standard. So we […]

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I decided to escape from York for a bit and just go on a drive. Rather than turn around the further I got, I continued on until I reached Scarborough. I always felt better near the sea. There is something very therapeutic about the sea – it’s motion, the smell, how it sound. It always […]

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a weekend in oslo

A Weekend in Oslo

So I have been instaspamming everyone with numerous photos from my weekend in Oslo, but now I’ve finally written about it after returning to reality and attempting to do some revision (good luck Jess). The trip to Norway was for my birthday and it was an amazing weekend. I’m still so surprised we went made it as […]

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cut the crap

Cut the crap

Beth and I drunkly decided that one of our New Year’s resolutions for 2017 was to cut the crap. And so far, we’re both doing pretty well really. We basically wanted to cut the crap in all areas of our lives – the food, bad thoughts, bad people, bad events. We’d cut the crap. When […]

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turning 20

Turning 20

I was very nervous about turning 20 and not being a teenager anymore. In true Miranda fashion I spent the week saying “Goodbye Youth” but I’m pleased to say that there was no need to be worried. I can confirm that 20 is a pretty cool age to be. I started to reflect a little […]

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