The Giggling Squid, Bury St Edmunds

On Wednesday I got the train to Ely for £7 to go and have lunch with my friend Becca, to see her in between her holidays. She’s just got back from tuk-tuking from Barcelona to Madrid, and now she is off to Nice on Saturday. Yep, I’m one v jel friend.

Now after having a cuppa and a catch up at Becca’s, we decided to head to Bury St Edmunds as I’d never been and we’d been round Ely before, as well as Cambs many times.  Now Bury is really flipping cute, just like York so we mooched around the streets before walking down into the Abbey gardens, to see some of the courtyard ruins and the Abbey itself. Before we decided to go and have lunch in the Giggling Squid.

Becca had heard good things about this place, and oh my days it was amazing. We had a one giggling squid each, which was a dish made up of four smaller dishes; there were spring rolls, jasmine rice, duck and ginger chicken.

I think Becca’s face says it all really.

It was SO good, I even started by saying to Becca I knew how sad I’d be when it was over, and yanoo what I really really was, I cry.

The best part of the day though was of course seeing Becca and discussing how excited, scared, panicked we are about third year starting next flipping week. But I also realised how much I have missed being with my friends, and how much I can’t wait to be reunited with them, as Lucy and I were saying the other day you really take for granted having friends at your fingertips 24/7 at uni. While at home we all live so much further apart, well not that far, bar Franky who is in Gibraltar. Bit far ey?

So yes, if you’re in Bury or in Norwich or anywhere else with a Giggling Squid then GO, you will not regret it! And I’m v excited to go back to uni now and continue my brunch filled life.

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