Friday Feeling

Well it’s that time of the week, Friday afternoons we get that Friday feeling that it’ll soon be the weekend and what crazy things are going on this weekend…

Got that Friday Feeling!

28th October 2019

It’s that time of the week again, woooo. FRIYAY BABY. I won’t lie, this week has mostly consisted of lots of warming jacket potatoes, silly melt-downs and super productive meetings and chats. So a nice mixed handful from the bag of life. But there’s so many POSITIVES. So many things to give me that Friday […]

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That Friday Feeling

24th October 2019

In our house growing up a mad thing would happen on a Friday night. We’d get that Friday night feeling of two days off school, work and instead, two whole days of freedom. There’d be singing, dancing, shouting, laugher, madness really; all for that Friday feeling. So every Friday, I’m gonna give you a weekly […]

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Latest adventure…

26th July 2016

When I learnt to drive two years ago my Mum kindly, with a lot of angst, let me drive my Dad’s car, a trusty 7 year old 1.9L Golf. When I’d passed my test I found the child in me saying “Ride like the wind, Bullseye!”, a quote from one of the best kids films ever, […]

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