Following my personal and professional life as a twenty-something muddling her way through life post-university.

A Weekend in Paris

11th April 2019

Last month my boyfriend Dan and I went to Paris for a long birthday weekend. I haven’t laughed so much in ages; we had glasses of red wine every night, french bread, some amazing meals, and some gorgeous strolls through the capital. Apart from on Saturday when the view from the Louvre showed black smoke […]

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Make your own luck

22nd February 2019

If you achieve your dream career, or can afford a beautiful home, or achieve something you’ve been striving for you’re often told that you’re lucky. Out of millions of people trying to be or do x or y, you’ve done it. You’re the lucky one, or are you? In essence they’re removing some of the […]

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Love Yo’self

14th February 2019

Yes like it or not, it’s Valentine’s Day. I personally love V day, single or in a relationship, it is a time to treat yo’self to some love, and it’s also a strong reminder to appreciate the people you love. Yes, we shouldn’t need a reminder, and a 99p card and a rose doesn’t equate […]

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The Balancing Act

29th January 2019

One of the hardest things about any type of relationship whether that is with a friend, family member, partners, co-worker, is finding a balance. The balance between the amount of effort, time, the quality of both of the time and effort that each person puts in to avoid a one-sided relationship. Yet, it often happens. We’ve […]

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Just Keep Swimming

23rd January 2019

January is the month we dive head first into everything; fitness, health, work, personal goals, organising and decluttering our life. It’s the time when we all simultaneously try and do everything we want to. For me, this is what that has looked like so far: Wake up, Sudoku, shower, breakfast, make my salad for lunch, […]

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We get it, you’re busy.

1st December 2018

It’s no secret that we are all super, duper, friggin busy. The kinda busy where the phrase “I’m free three weeks on Thursday” is very normal, and something I would never want to change. I love that my friends and family are living their own lives and aiming for their own goals, keep hustling along […]

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Get comfortable being uncomfortable

27th November 2018

It’s no secret that I love to plan, mainly for the stationary ngl and in those rare moments I actually have free time, and feel slightly bored, then I have something to look forward too. Also my friends are all super busy with real lives of their own, so I have to keep some kinda […]

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My 21st Birthday in Pictures

24th October 2018

Again, this feels like ages ago, because, OH WAIT IT WAS. Yep back in March I very apprehensively turned 21. In fairness, it is a great age and I am LOVING it – despite the adult responsibilities, endless workload and constant googling of how everyday things work, such as credit score. Anyhoo, my 21st began […]

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