I chat all things University, the highs, the lows, the good, the bad and obviously the slightly ugly singing while sat on the bathroom floor of Pop World with some nugs in one hand and hash browns in another. You’re welcome.

How to Prepare for Third Year

18th August 2017

AHHHHH. I wrote this out word perfect – yep I truly tried to write a good post – and the page crashed sdfhsdfhjsdk. Yep, so here I go again. First of all I feel writing a post called how to prepare for third year is slightly misleading, I don’t actually know how to prepare for third […]

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Post Exam Celebrations

15th June 2017

18th May I’m proud to say that post exam celebrations started immediately after our last exam, Becca and I walked out of the questionable Anglo Saxon exam and straight into Courtyard opposite for a LARGE ASS GLASS OF WINE bc a miracle had just happened – we wrote things in our Anglo Saxon exam aka […]

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LitSoc Summer Ball

2nd June 2017

Last night it was the Literature Society’s Summer Ball. Becca, Lucy and I all got ready at mine with compulsory shots of gin, before we roped Jake into taking photos of us on Lucy’s beautiful camera. I love her camera but it is impossible to focus in unless you have 20 mins to play around […]

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Franky and Jess on Tour

27th May 2017

Franky and I love to procrastinate and explore York or even Yorkshire, the further away we can get from work it seems the better. Of course this was only when exams were over, before that the most adventurous thing was a Gatehouse coffee revision sesh instead of going to the library to have a tuna […]

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Summer Term

19th May 2017

Guess who’s back? Only this Englished-out-free-ish gal! Yep after blog silence I’m back, as whilst I was leisurely blogging away in Spring Term, this term brushing my teeth for four minutes a day seems like a questionably long time to be doing something other than revision. But now, I’m free, yet term has not even finished… […]

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Spring Vacation

27th March 2017

So it’s the Spring vacation already, spring term is over and after three more weeks it’ll be the summer term. How did this happen? It feels like January was yesterday, not almost three months ago. I guess that’s what you get for having an 8 week teaching term, it flies by. I would love to call this […]

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Show me the money.

28th February 2017

I sometimes find myself feeling like Chandler and Ross in Vermont that I need to find ways to make back the money I’ve spent on this little venture to uni, but unlike them I can’t really steal the salt, batteries, lightbulbs, toilet rolls or tampons *sigh*. There is also no maple candy involved. Dang. The problem I mainly have […]

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Be your own Mento.

20th February 2017

Omg she’s blogged twice in three days, yes ladies and gentleman JB is actually on a effin roll. Today I’ve had one of those super productive, let’s do this kinda days, and now I feel like a sassy go-getter blogger and dayum it’s fab. This is because I’ve done all my uni work for the week (I’m […]

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Double Whammy Roundup: WK 4 & 5

18th February 2017

So this post is slightly delayed because life gets busy and sometimes I actually have to write things for my degree instead of blog *shock horror*, who knew? I certainly didn’t. But I’m real pleased I bullet pointed out the memorable things from WK 4&5 as I definitely did not remember half of the finger-licking […]

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