I chat all things University, the highs, the lows, the good, the bad and obviously the slightly ugly singing while sat on the bathroom floor of Pop World with some nugs in one hand and hash browns in another. You’re welcome.

Week 3: 0. Jess: 1

30th January 2017

This week has been super-duper fun, bar the cold I caught at the end of it. But to get a cold at the end of Week 3 ain’t too shabby considering most of last term I was ill literally from my arrival back into York. There has been some absolute gems this week. But let’s start […]

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Week 2: 0. Jess: 1.

22nd January 2017

So I’m not 100% sure who won this week in my lil tally of uni vs me. I’d like to think I won, but I’ll let you decide. This week has been an odd one. It started real well when the fire alarm went off at 4am on Tuesday morning. I’m half naked, ridiculously confused […]

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First week: 1. Jess: 0.

16th January 2017

Alright so first week back has been somewhat patchy. Yes it snowed, yes I didn’t food shop for about three days, watched 548579 episodes of the West Wing, spent too much money and did 0 reading but no ragrets, right?! I also forgot that the north is practically the artic and I have not yet […]

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Term 2 Take 2 

9th January 2017

Finally submitted my essay *do a lil dance* thank beJesus. I thought having a Christmas to write one essay would be plenty of time, especially since we did a 1,000 plan last term, but nooo… so note to self don’t leave York without writing the vacation essay because it will ONLY end in regrets. Anyway, […]

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1st January 2017

Well Christmas is over with a nice hard thud and reality has well and truly set in because I left a week to cram my 3,000 word essay and all my reading for term in before going back to York next Tuesday. Good one Jess. When really I just want to scavenge for leftover Christmas […]

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6th December 2016

Woww… it’s been a very long time since I last posted and I went through the “do I really need a blog?” phase yet again, because it happens; does my opinion matter? Will someone judge the way I write? How much of that is spelt wrong? But then I spoke to one of my favourite new pals […]

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