Health & Beauty

For Real?

17th September 2017

If you can’t tell from the photo of me and a scooby sandwich, this post will not be serious, or be about how to keep your eyebrows on fleek, or what goals to set and not achieve, or how to improve yo self. If you’re looking for that then I’d probs leave now, as this […]

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One Year post Jaw Surgery

30th June 2016

A year ago today I woke up and couldn’t feel my swollen face, my mouth was filled with dried blood and I couldn’t move my lips when talking. I felt like crap, I couldn’t eat anything, I struggled to drink anything as it is very difficult to suck through a straw when you can’t feel […]

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7 months post Jaw Surgery

3rd February 2016

After two years of braces, double jaw surgery and recovery; I have finally got my braces off. The braces themselves were not too difficult to adjust to; it was the surgery that was the painful and traumatic experience. I’ve explained it more in my surgery blog post, but the worst parts were the swelling, not […]

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Double Jaw Surgery

27th July 2015

As I briefly mentioned in my last post, on June 30th I had double jaw surgery to correct my underbite and make my chin central rather than a few centimeters to the left so my nose, lips and chin are in line and my face is symmetrical. This is not for beauty purposes, purely to […]

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