Exploring London at Christmas

Yesterday, my family and I went to Winter Wonderland to mark the beginning of their Christmas holiday and continue our tradition of going every year. We usually go during the day time to have lunch, mooch round the stalls and drink and eat 80% of what is on offer. And Mum pays for it – every student’s dream right?

It seemed to be double the size of last year’s Wonderland, with far more stalls, rides and bars that previous years. They’ve gone all out.

Obvs on arrival I had mulled wine, but I was very torn between wine and a  Galaxy Hot Chocolate, that’s right Galaxy Hot Chocolate. MMM. My brother had it with cream and oh my days did it smell heavenly.


We did some last minute Christmas shopping at the markets, while Josh got some cinnamon churros.


There is an ongoing joke in our family that anything within cinnamon in is the devil’s food, as my Mum cannot control herself with cinnamon. You give her a cinnamon bun, cake, latte with cinnamon sprinkles, she’s yours. Especially the cinnamon buns in San Francisco from the summer, she was obsessed. She’d probs exchange us for some of those babies. So I took one for the team and ate the remaining churro, while Mum restrained herself as she is only a few lbs off losing 4 stone!! What a legend.

After exploring, shopping, a ride or two, we went for lunch at Heidi’s village and had a Bratwurst with curry sauce and onions as we know how to do a market right. Dreamy.

Once we’d run out of things to eat or buy, we decided to head over to Covent Garden to have a mooch and see what festivity they had going on this year. It is basically the same as last year, which is a good thing really as it’s elaborate enough already to spend more money on it. But it is gorgeous, the tree this year is insane.

We walked to Leicester Square, and Piccadilly Circus to see the Regent Street angels, which were beautiful as ever. Then we walked some way up the mall, through the horse guard parade and down to the Embankment. One of my favourite walks in London as you pass Buckingham palace, Downing Street and the World War memorials. I wanted to show my fam the tree outside the Houses of Parliament but it wasn’t dark enough to get the full effect of the lights unfortunately, and with Big Ben under reconstruction it doesn’t look as spectacular as it did last year.

I cannot walk round London at Christmas without imagining the Love Actually PM’s tune underneath everything I do. Especially in St Pancras which did look stunning as well, with a floral tree and festive wreaths everywhere. Despite being in St Pancras we just came back to Peterborough, rather than Paris, which was disappointing.

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