Damn Dam.

After visiting Amsterdam last week I was so excited to blog about it, and unbelievably sad to leave there. If you ever get the chance to go then GO! It is a beautiful city with small canals, without the compact feel of somewhere like Venice where the streets are sooo tiny, Amsterdam has the same feel, but everything is very spacious. It reflects the very relaxed atmosphere, I think we all felt it was the most relaxing holiday we’d ever been on.

The first day after settling into our apartment we headed to the Red Light District to experience this at night.


We really don’t have any British equalivant, and it was definitely an eye opener for us all. The most bizarre thing was it didn’t seem that strange, it’s a huge part of the Amsterdam culture. We also have never laughed as much as we did on this holiday.


We made the most of drinking opportunities with a gin experience – I never knew there were so many flavours of gin, drinking Heineken, having cocktails, an amazing shot bar (I’ll come back to that) and boat trip round the canals with unlimited alcohol for only €15 (still amazed by that).


The shot bar in particular was incredible.


In England probably 75% of shots taste fowl, these shots all tasted so good, but it was the invention of them all that was the best part. For a ‘Harry Potter’ they set the shot on fire and create little fireworks along the bench, for a ‘Head Banger’ they pour the alcohol directly in your mouth and shake your head forwards and backwards. It was SO good that we went there two days in a row.

I would also walk back to Amsterdam for the burger and chips. They were so good, and nothing compares in England *sigh*.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 10.54.15.png

Basically if you want to go somewhere that is beautiful, has amazing food and drink, feels safe, has the most efficient transport, isn’t that expensive and has a completely different culture to our own, Amsterdam is the place.

It’s also quicker to get to Amsterdam than York *mind boggle* and everyone is soooo lovely. It’s safe to say that when we win the lottery we’ve decided we’re all moving there together. It is an amazing place that I will definitely go back to, and it was a brilliant first holiday with my pals from school.

img_7228Btw our new album “squint” is coming soon.

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