Dear Diary: Week 40

After a super productive day at work the other day, I felt motivated to start a new line of blog posts with a weekly lil update of what’s been happening.

In January I had actually planned to post a summary of every week of 2018, but um real life got in the way of that, oops.

I also stopped blogging weekly snippets after uni as, well, let’s face it my weeks will never be as exciting as when they were filled with housemate anecdotes, random nights out, staying at a friends till 1am chatting, or blurry hazy days when I did absolutely nothing but watched Netflix and maybe ordered a sneaky Dominos. Dreams.

My life now is pretty, dare I say it… grown up. 

I actually pulled a face writing that. It’s still very weird. 

I work 3 days a week as editor of a couple of glossy interior/home/lifestyle magazines and during those days I sit in my office with three other hilarious humans and together we merge our brains and form content for whichever publication we’re working to next. 

There’s not much Lois-Lane-go-get-um in the editorial world. Don’t get me wrong maybe once or twice a fortnight it is, but usually it’s typing, editing, emailing, phoning and being rejected by companies when we’re offering them free PR. Yep, that makes no sense to me either. Who doesn’t want to be in a magazine?!

It is a tad depressing when I look at my Fitbit and I’ve only done 1,000 steps, which isn’t helped by the fact that the office mentality is to snack 24.7. My sub-editor is a pro snacker and is well equipped everyday with his healthy veggie snacks.

Without fail there is always some form of cake, donut, or devilish food going around in the office too, for a birthday, or for bake off, or because it’s a Monday, or hump day, or Friday. The treat yo’self mentality strikes again. 

The fear of gaining weight aside, I love my job and I feel incredibly fortunate to be working there. I’m paid to write. Basically everything that I did at uni aka research, write and edit, I now do on interesting topics and I’m paid for it. Like what?

I also had my first official week at The University of Leicester with seminars an all, for my MA in Creative Writing. I was obvs excited, but those pre-seminar anxious feels returned, especially when I was 40 minutes late to one of my seminars from MENTAL traffic and parking issues – great first impression.

But seriously what kind of genius thought no student parking on campus was a bright idea??????? Don’t want to take my money for parking, or fines for me not paying for parking? Ok then.

Anyhoo, when I got into class, I loved it. It was completely different to York, mainly as it a) wasn’t York and b) was a different subject and c) it’s a masters so everyone has this kind of who gives a rats ass attitude. Also we’d write something in five minutes, feedback to each other and no one really cares either way as nobody is attached to their work since they wrote it in a hazy panic only moments ago. Kinda genius really.

My room has been painted this week too, so long pink walls & wallpaper. Goodbye childhood room. My Mum wouldn’t let me paint it myself though I might add as she still doesn’t trust me after I painted the study. In my defence I was in a rush to finish it before my GCSE’s so didn’t pay that much attention to the edges. BUT STILL. I liked it.

I’m back in my room and my bed – there is nothing as good as your own bed, my days -and I am loving how minimalist my room is looking rn, as most of my stuff is still in the spare room. Unfortunately I will have to actually sort through the massive amounts of stuff I seem to have dotted around the house, including two boxes I found that I haven’t unpacked from uni yet. Oops.

But now that I’m working for interior magazines I’m hoping it rubs off and I become an interior design goddess, so fingers crossed I get some inspo this week.

Today has been less inspirational, I’ve watched Infinity War, eaten a pizza and.. that’s about it really. Whilst my amazing pal Becca ran the Cardiff Half Marathon today for Macmillan Cancer Support. It was an enormous challenge for B and Tim – who ran for Parkinson’s UK – (what a dream team they are) and not only did they finish and raise over £800 together, they smashed the run in incredible times. I’m feeling like a proud mum rn.

My book of the week – yep, I’m trying to get back to that too, in October… I mean it’s still 2018 so there is still time to achieve some optimistic New Years resolutions right? Well this week I’ve been reading Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and other lies by Scarlett Curtis, which is an amalgamation of women’s views on what feminism means to them. I’m obvs hooked on the book and podcast. I’m kinda just loving podcasts in general at the moment too, after some amazing recommendations, but also because my throat is so sore from singing too much in the car so needed to listen to something other than music for a while. It’s working, and I’ve found some v interesting podcasts, bonus.

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