First Friday Feeling of 2020

Thank god it’s Friday. Yes it’s only 10 days into 2020, yes I’m still dazed about what day it is, but man have I got that Friday feeling.

It’s the weekend! YAY. My body is not quite back on work, hustle time. I’m pushing through but I would also like to sleep. Sleep for days pls.

Weekend with Ellie

Tonight I’m driving up to my bestie’s house to stay for the weekend. Drinks will be drunk, hours of catching up will occur and there will probably be many snacks chicken thrown in too. Lush!

Chill time

I had a super busy week last week, which meant I needed to relax in my fave way possible, a bath. I’ve nailed the bath experience now. Candle on, Thor Ragnarok playing in the background and a cup of tea/gin depending on the time of day/alcohol level in my body already.

Taking down the decs

I’ll miss the tree and lights, but other than that the house is looking so so tidy without our decorations. It also means all the boxes have been moved into the garage too = so much more room in the lounge!

But I miss the lights, might have to invest! Also we have no plant babies, got to change this in 2020.

Seeing family & friends over Christmas

Loved loved loved seeing everyone over Christmas. Christmas was a mix of amazing and awful, thankfully more amazing than awful, but for a while the scales were weighed down – and not by cheese. Trips to and from the hospital just aren’t fun at Christmas no matter how many wheelchair races you have.

Leftover Christmas food

Yes I’m training for the half marathon and on the January goals, but I’ve also loved finishing the Christmas cheese this week mainly in pastas. Boursin in a chicken pasta sauce is delicious. I feel like it’s too luxurious for a normal week though and it’ll be back to Tesco’s garlic and herb light soft cheese.

Baby cuddles

I’ve had so many gorgeous baby cuddles with gorgeous babies and toddlers over the past few weeks, all of whom are beautiful and growing up far too quickly for my liking.

Starting a-fresh

I love setting goals (shocker) and I love resolutions, the new year, trying new things, embracing opportunities. New start, new year and very soon a new career eek!

Meeting the Press team

I met some of my new colleagues at the pub in Cambridge after they’d had a conference. Most of the team I’ll be working with are scattered across the world, it was an ideal opportunity to meet them in person. I’m now very excited to get started now in less than three weeks time!

Interviews at work

This week I’ve had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Prue Leith and Nick Sharratt for Primary Times magazine. It’s wonderful being able to chat to brilliant, creative individuals and they were both (as you’d expect) incredibly fascinating, lovely people.

More writing!

I’ve managed to secure another article and another book review for a publishers, which I’m really looking forward to cracking on with! I just need to get on with writing the rest of my novel too. Watch this space.

PhD Application

Well I’ve applied to my first PhD. WHAT MADNESS EH? I’ve got my eye on a few others, so just need to review the options. It’s unlikely that I’ll get a place, but if I didn’t apply then I definitely wouldn’t get it!

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  • Hannah says:

    A PhD as well?! Do you ever want to leave education?! Seriously though, congratulations on your Masters and good luck on your applications for a PhD! Do you know what you want to do it on? I could never do a Masters and a PhD so soon after my initial degree so I admire your dedication. Post-grad life is so much better for me personally. xx

    • Jess Bacon says:

      Thanks lovely! Haha I know, I go back and forth, but I figure I’ve come this far and I also came up with a thesis idea – which I never thought I would. Thanks so much lovely. Ah I’m pleased to hear post-grad life is treating you will, I found it so unsettling after my degree and MA. I think I need to get some more hobbies haha xx

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