W O W it feels as though last Friday was a long time ago, so I’m real happy it’s the beginning of the weekend!

Mostly, as I can sleep in past 6am! OH SWEET SWEET SLEEP HOW I’VE MISSED U.

It’s also Valentine’s Day, and as always, a shout out to my favourite V day card of all time that I bought myself three years ago.

I wrote a post last year about loving yo’self every Valentine’s, that ya can have a lil read of here.

But lemme fill you in on everything giving me the friday feels this week!

Sleep time/ nap time/ snooze-ville Arizona

Yes, full time work and waking up at 6:20am everyday is taking it toll. I need my full 8-10-15-18 hours (eight will do). Weekends now are for laying in, relaxing (also a long run but oh well) and yes socialising but also dedicated let me get some sleep until my body is done kinda time.

Friday night

I got that Friyay feeling as one of my best pals will be arriving very soon for dinner, drinks and tons of catching up. We got prosecco, we going for dinner, there’s shnacks and I imagine some random dancing and a good helping of sass.

Great pals, great gals

I am so grateful for my wonderful friends, especially Becca, who has been there for me through thick and thin ever since I’ve known her. She goes above and beyond to show her support and affection and I’m very blessed to have her in my life.

The best Valentine’s I could ask for, thanks for my card and flowers #friendshipgoals.

I feel very grateful to have supportive friends. Also a special shout out to Lauren, Ali and Ellie too for being lovely, lovely humans.

New pals

Going from working at a company with sub 40 people to working at a company with I don’t even know how many people (so so many), has meant meeting lots of lovely new people. I have a great team in Marketing so I’m very lucky to spend my days, lunches and a cheeky on site drink here and there with great humans.

Family birthdays

I have two family birthdays this week so I’m doing the rounds this weekend. I love family time and I love celebrating other people, so I’m looking forward to that!


Just over six (I originally wrote seven lol, I don’t even know how many it is) weeks until the half marathon now! Holy moly, all the fears and excitements!!! So Sundays are my dedicated long run day from now on. I am loving running though, I’ve figured out how to make it enjoyable for myself – remove the headphones and run after having eaten. I also have the bonus of being a much better runner than when I trained for the half in October, so I’m really enjoying getting back out and round my village, and the next village and then round again and back… sometimes.

Extra werk werk

I love to be busy so I’ve been keeping the extra work coming. This week I received the latest Be Kind magazine in which I wrote an article called ‘Facing Facts’ and revealed the truth behind five myths about climate change. I’ve also got some exciting work coming up in the next two weeks, so watch this space!!

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  • Hannah says:

    This is such a random question but I have always wondered, do you have to buy flowers to take a photo of the flower displays or can you just take a photo?!
    Sounds like you are settling in well to your new job and your team sounds lovely. I think I would have liked to have worked in Marketing if I hadn’t done a medical degree.
    Good luck with the run and all the training up to it. xx

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