Hello March

I am a big fan of March mostly because it’s spring, my birthday (an excuse to see all my family and friends) and my cousin is expecting her baby!!! YAY. More teeny tiny toes and nostrils (Bacon nostrils aren’t teeny tiny though).

I’ve also got a very exciting project to throw myself into and my final weeks of half marathon training before the run on the 29th March. Then my first conference with work in Brighton. 

And breathe. March is gonna be fun eh? 

Also I say conference (yes there is one) but we’re also going to the pier to play on all the games all evening and meals and drinks pre-planned. Did someone say best job??

Obviously this aforementioned fun may be ruined by the havoc of the coronavirus if the conference is cancelled. But I have my fingers crossed!

I am getting the train from London to Brighton after the half though, so that’ll be fun. A weepy, sleepy woman with sore legs and a medal will join the adults for dinner – well try too if my legs still move.

Anyhoo. March has snuck up on me big time, so I’ve got big thangs to get on with.

Train train train 

Top priority has got to be the final four weeks of training my little legs to get me round the half marathon. I’ve upped it quite a lot for the final four weeks, just to give myself a final push before the day. I’m talking no alcohol (maybe a cheeky birthday drink, but that’s it) and good healthy food and oh, yeah, lots of long runs.

Just keep writing 

I have a really exciting writing project that I will share more about in the future when it’s all been sorted. But watch this space! March will be filled with scribbling away every other second when I’m not running. 

I’m loving that my side projects are gaining momentum but it’s reaching the point where the side project could take up the time of a full-time project (just not enough funds there). So I have a full-time job and full-time projects. I’m still figuring out how to do both, but will get there.

The arrival of Baby Rutherford

I’m super excited for my cousin to have her second child this month. There will be wonderful cuddles to come towards the end of the month or beginning of April. Most of us think it’s going to be a boy, but who knows. A happy and healthy baby and family would be lovely. 


Many plans for my birthday to see my pals, mad family and also take some quality time to do whatever I fancy doing. Lush.

Bright, positive things

It’s Spring (bar the snow), there’s more daylight, more positivity in my life now and a ridiculous amount of wonderful, bright things going on that I’m really excited/mildly anxious but extremely grateful to be doing.

It’s the month of International Women’s Day, the Women’s prize for fiction longlist has been released (more book recommendations), Mother’s Day, daffodils, lighter evenings, less snow (hopefully). Lovely things, feeling very grateful.

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  • bingingonabudget says:

    Very cute outfit, thanks for sharing. What’s your favorite trend for spring?

  • Hannah says:

    It sounds like March is going to be/is an incredible month. One of my work colleagues is due in April so I am so excited to see the baby as it has been a while since someone I knew had a baby. xx

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