I have to live with a boy

Tomorrow I am moving in with my boyfriend, Dan. Aghhhh. 

I’m feeling all the Monica feels as “I have to live with a boy!”

My Mum is treating it like the end of an era, even though technically I moved out four years ago for uni and then just moved back for a bit post uni. She just seems to have forgotten that part and keeps asking me, will I still see you?

Nah mate I’m gonna fall off the face of the earth and never speak to you again Mum, even though I work ten minutes from our house, and live half an hour away. She cute.

Anyhoo, yes, we’re renting (of course) a cute two-bed on the out skirts of Cambridge, near an enormous Tesco and a pub – the essentials.

Slight downside was that it is unfurnished.

But we all know what that means… Ikea trip, and even though I’ve paid less I’ll now have to construct furniture for a whole house (no biggie) I do have a bed to sleep in and nifty storage to hold all my stuff.

But my power drill/screwdriver/all-in-one is on charge and ready for the challenge. Yes my power tool. GRL PWR.

I’ve also loved going to every home related store and finding gems, and I also have unearthed a strong love for baskets… I think I’m becoming my mother. Help us all.

Yes, so I have one last evening to pack my whole life up into Ikea bags, which is not so much fun and games when you’re on antibiotics for an infection. Great timing.

I usually packed for a ten week term at uni the night before, then shoved it all in my Mini and hoped that I didn’t need to see through my rear window on the two hour journey. I’m kinda hoping that works here too…

Though this isn’t just ten weeks, this is a year-long contract in a house with one of my favourite humans. Eek. How much stuff do I need for a year? Turns out a lot.

A man with a van will be arriving tomorrow morning, yasss, to bring down all the flat packed furniture. As I sneak off and grab the keys, to an actual house, where I will live with my boyfriend. Is this being an adult? Bit weird.

Thankfully, I can leave a chunk of my stuff at home and always have a home bedroom to come back to, which I’m very grateful for. So that means winter jumpers, I’ll see ya in a few months time.

I’m so excited, and a tad overwhelmed, as I sit in my bright green Goodricke College t-shirt – a welcome gift in Fresher’s week – and have a few tears for the lovely man who isn’t here to see this, my Dad, and fold t-shirts I’d forgotten I had. Eighteen year old me clearly had a thing for those plain Jack Wills t-shirts and bought one in each colour.

My expectation of us living together is like this:

But I’m guessing this will be the reality:

Either way, I’m SO excited, it’s just typical that we’ve both been ill this week and the move actually seems very inconveniently timed. What isn’t eh?

Anyhoo, the mattress is downstairs, the hallway is full, so wish me luck!

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  • Hannah says:

    You are literally the cutest! I hope everything goes okay with the move and you two become stronger than ever.
    Gumtree was our best friend when we moved flats. We got cheap furniture and then replaced it with furniture we actually liked and wanted at a later date. Although looking at your Instagram, it looks like your flat is already look cute and coming along nicely. xx

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