Got that Friday Feeling!

It’s that time of the week again, woooo.


I won’t lie, this week has mostly consisted of lots of warming jacket potatoes, silly melt-downs and super productive meetings and chats. So a nice mixed handful from the bag of life.

But there’s so many POSITIVES. So many things to give me that Friday feelin!

Possibilities / Opportunities – I could do anything!

Not to be dramatic or anything, but I could do anything, so could you! There are a few possibilities up in the air at the moment and I’m currently deciding what I want to focus and go with. The uncertainty can be upsetting or overwhelming, but it’s also great – nothing is fixed or final, there’s so much to choose from!

It’s just deciding what I do want to achieve in the next year or so that is giving me some clarity.

Escape room & fireworks

This weekend we’re doing an Escape Room with Dan’s family – my first escape room! Love spending time with all Dan’s family though, so that’ll be lush – it includes gorgeous Harrison and Millie. Can’t wait to see what the escape room is like, just hoping I don’t let the team down. Team work dream work eh?

It’s November


Naps/ Downtime

I never, ever nap. It’s a source of constant failure for me, I cry. But this week, I had a cheeky lil nap when Dan was out playing badminton and it was LUSH. Just chilling, w watching Grace and Franky and snoozin’. I plan to be snoozin’ real good this weekend too, rather than waking up at half six to Dan’s alarm, then second alarm, then third alarm. Adulting 101.

Dan being cute n buying flowers

Woke up from my rare lil nap to my smirking boyfriend – it was 9.30pm – with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Is this what dreams are made of?? I think so.


It’s this beauty, Becca’s birthday today, YAY, and we had a lil catch up the other night – we were overdue – and it was just lush as always. Still salty I moved to Cambs as she moved away from Cambs to Cardiff, but I’ll settle for a phone call… AND visiting in three weeks time to obvs celebrate her birthday and get Christmassy with watching The Grinch musical. HAHA, but not joking.

Quality family time

Got to have a lovely chunk of time with my Aunty today, who I absolutely adore and it’s just so nice to spend quality time with loved ones. Can’t beat it. Having more quality time with my Mum and brother this week on an evening post-work was also lovely.

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