Leeds baby.

On Saturday I went to Leeds for the first time – only lived in the North for almost two years lol – with one of my best pals Ellie. And I loved it. 

We got the train down bc when there’s The Alchemist you’re going to want to try a cocktail, so we did at 11am. Definitely the best way to start the morning, with rum. 

I had a Caramelised Rum Punch (the bright orange one) and Ellie had a frozen Strawberry Daiquiri. They were both delicious, far too easy to drink for the amount of alcohol that was in them.   

Their menu echoes the periodic table relating to the bar’s name the Alchemist, as they create drinks that will bubble, smoke, set on fire like in science experiments. 

The whole thing was really cool, and while expensive worth it for the unique drinks and the outside roof terrace with heaters and blankets, yes the dream. 

It turned out well that we went there first as we ending up shopping for so long that we didn’t get a chance to go to the other amazing cocktail bar, Angelica. We walked from the station to the Trinity centre, where both bars I’ve mentioned and tons of other shops are. It reminds me a lot of London, or Westfield, mainly bc it’s bigger and has more of a buzz than York, which I miss from time to time. 

So we spent several hours shopping and exploring, before having our lunch at Trinity Kitchen which was amazingg. They have a burrito bar, which was sooooo dreamy as I’ve had an obsession with them since I had a great burrito at the Eden Project about two years ago. Ahhh. I’m now just thinking about burritos, it’s 9am too early for lunch? 

Also random side note, but everywhere we went there was someone outside playing the drums on upside down buckets. Is this something we missed in sheltered York? A new lil phase?! Either way it was actually better than I’ve just made it sound. 

Weirdly, Ellie’s Mum rang her to tell she was in Leeds shopping, to which we replied well yep so are we. Ellie communicates real well with her fam we learnt that day haha. So we met up with Ellie’s lovely fam and got a free pint in the process *yasss*. 

Even though we only saw the tiniest part of Leeds it was so good, so I’ll definitely be going back next term to explore more. Okay yes, and to get another burrito!! I’d walk to Leeds from Peterborough for one of those bad boys. 

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