LitSoc Summer Ball

Last night it was the Literature Society’s Summer Ball. Becca, Lucy and I all got ready at mine with compulsory shots of gin, before we roped Jake into taking photos of us on Lucy’s beautiful camera. I love her camera but it is impossible to focus in unless you have 20 mins to play around with it and finally understand how to focus it, so there are some real nice out of focus photos of that night that would have been beau if in focus (ragrets).

The theme was Mythology, so of course fairly easy with a flower crown, gold jewellery and we opted for a white, floral and gold dress.

The ball was held at Pitcher and Piano along the river next to Revs, I had only clicked the day before where it actually was. The location was perfect, the venue was beautiful and on a summer’s evening it was really stunning.

The only problem with Pitcher and Piano is it is so so expensive, so we had one glass of wine, before heading to Dusk for a 2-for-1 Graham Norton for sub £6.

It was a really fun eve, mainly because most of the people there consisted of our year. It is ashame more people don’t go to the LitSoc events, as they’re always so good, but it was a real nice end to the year with some fabbb people.

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