Why I love Men in Black 3

I wanted something to watch this eve and after sifting through Netflix, I ended up where I always do, at Men in Black 3. Sure it’s not my all-time-favourite film, but I know it inside out and love every part of it. I have always loved it bc it is escapism at it’s best, there is literally nothing you can really relate to on a personal level, without the exceptions of what films centre on aka relationships.

As a 16 year old who had just lost her Dad, it was the perfect escape so I watched it every night for god knows how long, months. Luckily enough this didn’t make me go off the film, unlike the songs we like and overplay then get bored of. I can always come back to it, and always feel the same.

I guess the fact that it isn’t normal soothes me; there are aliens, time travel, inter-galactic wars, alongside the average person, MIB agents and some class A actors. It is funny and clever and sad, and I respect everything that as a film it aspires to and achieves. It does also have emosh moments, mid saving the world from an alien invasion, the perfect balance really.

It’s weird now to watch it, as I can watch it and remember exactly how I felt when I watched it four years ago. I don’t get that so often anymore, only with certain films such as Twister.

It’s almost like a comforter, as it is a reliable safety net to fall back into and momentarily escape from however I feel. I guess it’s my equivalent of rescue remedy, and I’m so pleased I have it. It makes me feel at home, when I’m far away, and it makes me feel closer to myself even if I feel I’m the farthest from it. It grounds me to that time, to remind me that it was real.

It allows me to remember that grief takes time to overcome. As similar to knowing all the lines, shots, scene sequences, songs in the film, I know all the parts, sequences, laughs, tears of that time in my life, I haven’t forgotten any of it, and I couldn’t have yet.

No one is over the film yet, it’s still relevant, watched, it’s still on Netflix for crying out loud. So I shouldn’t feel guilty that I’m not over my feelings, or the film either.

I hope it’s effects never wear off, as it is one of my all time favourite films.

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