Woww… it’s been a very long time since I last posted and I went through the “do I really need a blog?” phase yet again, because it happens; does my opinion matter? Will someone judge the way I write? How much of that is spelt wrong? But then I spoke to one of my favourite new pals Martha, who said she had to speak about a poem she loved because it was so funny, but she couldn’t talk about it in an intellectual way as it was just for lols for her. My blog (while what I’ve just written may not have made sense) is exactly for that, not  for any intellectual purpose, not a reflection of how I write essays in the slightest, it’s just because I like to blog.

This term has flown by. It has been busy, and brilliant and bloody exhausting… but I’ve loved it! So why am I blogging now? I’m blogging now as mainly a) I have time, but also I’m always in the mood to blog after I read a sassy post by the one and only Hannah Gale.

While I haven’t blogged all term I still love to read blogs especially Hannah’s as I find her posts so relatable and funny, I always get a little boost after reading them to know (shock horror) that someone feels like I do aka immensely excited about Christmas, loving this years knitwear and obsessed with Christmas coffee syrups.

Therefore, I will be blogging regularly over Christmas and explaining some exciting new things I am doing.

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