My 21st Birthday in Pictures

Again, this feels like ages ago, because, OH WAIT IT WAS.

Yep back in March I very apprehensively turned 21. In fairness, it is a great age and I am LOVING it – despite the adult responsibilities, endless workload and constant googling of how everyday things work, such as credit score.

Anyhoo, my 21st began on a lil adventure with my number one woman, my Mum. She planned the whole day, and all I knew beforehand was that we were going to London, having lunch, and in the evening going out for dinner with some family and family friends. I was obvs already sold.

Side note: I’d already had my uni birthday with my pals as term finishes so early, so this is the fam one on my actual date of birth.

Also, huge life hack for ya, having someone else organise everything for your birthday wipes out soooo much stress to plan yourself a good birthday. Personally I find birthdays weird, there’s all this pre-birthday hype, then on the day it’s well “yay I’m older, oh wait, but what have I achieved?” And… let’s not open that can of worms.

So, it was extra special that my Mum took all of that pressure away, and totally smashed my birthday with lunch at the Aqua Shard and a mooch round Fortnum and Masons & Tiffany’s – mainly as we dressed smart enough for the bodyguard to actually let us in. Thanking you.

We also grabbed some macaroons and I definitely pretended to be in Gossip Girl for a good 20 minutes. A girl can dream right?

Not every birthday will be this glam, BUT I know I never need to have a ‘meh’ birthday again after learning the trick is to have someone else organise some of it.

Also if you feel as though there isn’t anyone you would ask to arrange it for you, book an experience, or a restaurant you’ve been dying to go to, and they’ll arrange the rest for you. Or just book a train, or a plane if you’re feeling extra af, and go somewhere and follow someone else’s recommendations of what to do and where to go when you get there. You won’t regret it.




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