My Review of the Atkins Diet

I started the Atkins diet a year ago today, which seems flippin long ago now! And Ive basically been on and off the diet throughout the past year.

The Atkins diet is kind of like a keto diet, so a high fat low carb diet. It is set out in phases, Phase 1 you cut out carbs completely and try to keep below 20 net carbs of veg to go with ya meat & eggs. Phase 2 you up the net carb count and add berries and nuts, phase 3 add wholegrains and potatoes, phase 4 is forever, using the net carb state you got to where you simply maintain your weight.

I have to say I’ve never made it to phase four, actually I only briefly did phase 2, I’ve mainly done phase 1, oops. The website recommends you stay in the first phase for two weeks, or perhaps a lot of weeks if you have a lot of weight to lose. I ended up staying in phase one solidly for the first 3 months then on and off ever since with cheat days.

However I was thrilled to have lost a stone in the first few weeks, then another as I went on. In the start of my teens I lost a lot of weight, all my lil girl chub went away with exercising daily and healthy eating – who knew this works, oh wait… Then when my Dad got ill, I piled on da pounds with all the what I called “pity cakes” people would bring round cakes to say how sad they were to hear Dad had cancer, which would remind me of the cancer and then I’d eat whatever sweet devilish treat they brought along. This started a mean lil cycle that it’s taken me almost five years to break. I also lost two stone which had been a goal of mine for the past five years as well, I’m not at my target body we’ll say instead of weight yet, but I am sooooo much closer than I was a year ago.

So yass overall Atkins worked brilliantly, I lost weight just as it said I would, my skin, my hair, my cellulite all got so much better, I wouldn’t have stayed on it so long if I didn’t think it was great. Also so much has changed in this year, how I view my body has changed, and what body image I want to work towards has changed. I want to be more than a number on a scale, or a size of jeans, I want to feel strong and confident in the clothes I wear. I don’t want to weigh myself everyday to see if I have lost another pound – yep don’t do it. And I’m v sure the only way I can do that is by just eating healthily, balanced, exercising regularly, and trying to shape my body into what I’d like it to look like and do for me.

I’m mainly unsure about the Atkins as my mindset is not as healthy as I imagined it would be a year on. Atkins encourages you to restrict yourself, view carbs and fruit as too high in carb count to have for a considerable period in the diet. This restrict then cheat lil cycle did not work wonders for me, probably because I kept restarting whenever I cheated.

Also after following more fitness accounts on Instagram last term I had to think about what I really wanted. I didn’t want to cry when I chose to eat an Atkins meal instead of something I really wanted that unfortunately had carbs in, even though it was healthy. I also didn’t want to be invested into thinking that carbs were “bad” when actually they’re kinda necessary and important and did I mention delicious? Yumm.

What I really missed was fruit. I miss pasta. I miss porridge. I miss WATERMELON, the best of all the fruits and it’s almost summer and melon as we all know is the summeriest of fruits so I’ve missed it and no longer want to live my life without it bc mmm so dreamy.

So after a lot of me waffling on, my decision  and reason for this post is to say adios to Atkins. It helped me lose weight (which is what I wanted), but it is called a “fad diet” for a reason.
It is also about knowing yourself. I am under no illusion that I will never not have hips, I will always have an hourglass shape and that is actually what I want. After 20 years of ma body I sort of know what clothes work best with my shape and what don’t. Let’s just say H&M if you aren’t buying a top then don’t even bother, yes you may be a 10 everywhere else but in H&M jumpsuit you’re a 16 bc all their clothes are made a lil bit too small to make ya butt feel even bigger and you feel like poop.

Side note: I’m super nervous for posting this all online, but I figure while Atkins is great temporarily, I want to emphasise it is a temporary fix in my experience, and at some point needs to be left behind to figure out how to live a healthy life for the rest of ya life – as I’m now 20 and getting on so yanoo tryin to be sensible or something.

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