Year 3 Spring Term

As I sit in a cafe having a cup of tea while writing my final period module essay, I am starting to feel slightly more at ease with things than I have in months. To say these first three months of the year have been stressful would be a slight understatement, they’ve been mad, disorganised and it’s felt like a strong case of just muddling through. It’s safe to say I ignored the people telling me how difficult third year would be, as when people said that about A-Levels after GCSE’s I thought did people just not work for their GCSEs? Surely losing 8 subjects would ease up the workload? It certainly happened during the first two years of university that’s for sure.

But no, this term has had its own little thing going on with meeting dissertation deadlines, and essay deadlines and attempting to write them all with minimal supervision after the news halfway through the term that our final three weeks of teaching would be wiped out as our tutors were going on strike.

It’s now halfway through my summer term and I’m only just returning to this blog post… bare with my memory.

The strikes definitely made the term more complicated, as we have short terms anyway at York (only 10 weeks) but the strikes meant teaching finished in week 7/8 so several weeks earlier. I also had already chosen to write my High Medieval essay on a book that wasn’t going to be taught until week 9, so I would no longer actually be taught anything about it. Thankfully we still had a lecture, so I wasn’t completely left to my own devices. As oh my days I’m bad at that. I just seem to find the essential essays like 2 days before my deadline when I’ve written my whole essay, which as you can imagine is extremely unhelpful.

Anyhoo. Some of spring term was great, basically, the non-academic parts were FABB. The academic stuff aka the whole reason I lived in York was pretty draining, time-consuming and just meh, but had its high points and I’m v pleased I take so many photos as now I can actually recollect what I did.

Quite early on all the lit girls were reunited at Kitty’s 21st Birthday drinks, which was lush. I have a boomerang of the birthday girl, but only variations of this photo otherwise!

I took a lil trip to Cambridge with my fam one weekend when I went home and had my first Fitzbillies chelsea bun, and holy moly, it’s what dreams are made of. I probably go home like 3/4 times a term, might be a night mid-week for a family’s birthday or a whole weekend, but I love going home and checking in on all my family. 10 weeks is too long to not see everyone for, for me. I go home and do all the rounds no matter how short my visits are, and I’m so pleased I’ve done that throughout the three years, as time is really precious.

In between all of this, there was endless coffees, dinners & drinks, and wanders around town if we needed a break. And yet my camera roll is still like 1 photo of a person and 300 photos of the minster/random-building-in-York, I just don’t seem to learn? Scroll for cute humans with bevs. 

My lovely Aunty, Uncle and cousins came up to visit me too. We went to York dungeons and Georgia, Lucy and I held hands the entire time round. It was actually really good, it was more of an interactive comedy set in a dungeon, rather than a scary dungeon, it just sometimes it made us jump. But we were mainly laughing our heads off as the judge took my Aunty Karen to be tried in court as a witch for chanting and singing naked in a field. Then a nightwatchwoman took my Uncle Trevor aside and kept saying “Our Trev” or “ain’t that right Trev” every time she made a point, before sending him into a mirror maze in the dark by himself. Again, well deserved. It was SO lovely to have them all in York for the day even though the weather was miserable the wholeeee time, it’s probably a good thing I’ve left as I don’t think they’d want to come again to be insulted in rainy old York, when we can do that at home lol.

My friends and I also managed to do a day trip to Newcastle one weekend. It was so good to be out of York for a day and do absolutely no work, just chat, explore and eat cake. We all definitely needed that break and took some gorgeous photos that day as while it was still freezing, it didn’t rain. Thank goodness. We went to this cafe that Franky had stalked on Instagram and the cake was insane, we’d already had lunch at TGI Fridays and deffo did not need more food, but oh my god it was worth it. ALSO this term Franky’s mum came to visit, and she is as wonderful as Franky (as we expected) so that was also a real gem in the term.

I also got to meet up with Ali after months of not seeing each other to celebrate her birthday in Cambridge. We were pretty giggly after 2 cocktails each, then wandered, ate, and basically caught up on several months of gossip. Goals.

My family also came up to stay for a night, and we took a trip to Scarborough and Helmsley (our fave place). I love the drive through Yorkshire to both of these places, out to Scarborough the last few miles are just endless fields. It was a freezing weekend in February though so not the best time to visit the seaside! But we had an explore, before heading to Helmsley for a cuppa and a scone at The Old Swan. My family had actually stayed there before, it’s a lovely hotel, they have sofas and open fires to snuggle up next to, which was perfect after our chilly trip to the coast. The drive back to York passes the Castle Howard, another Yorkshire fave of mine. The following day we finally walked some of the walls around York as they’d never done that before and the views are amazing!

Another amazing moment in term was having a birthday brunch at The Ivy with my dreamy pal Martha. She surprised me for my birthday and took me to the Ivy for brunch, friend goals right? It was insane. The Ivy had literally just opened in York, but it’s stunning, the food, the place, it’s all great. I felt like a Queen, mainly as I was with my Queen, Martha. Martha is also the Queen of Chekhov as I saw her in her third piece of Chekhov this term too, she was Sonya in Uncle Vanya at the Theatre Royal in York. Martha is an incredible actress, and I gush about her all the time, too her face as well, she is phenomenal and I love love love watching her perform.

Yass so it was also my birthday this term – which feels like so many moons ago but here I am still 21. I basically managed to lengthen my birthday to like a birthday fortnight, beginning way before my actual birthday which was two days before an essay deadline *I cry*. It began with birthday brunch with Martha (dreams), then I went out for dinner & drinks with some pals the Saturday before my birthday. I had such a good evening, and because I was enjoying it SO much I completely forgot about taking photos of it and just enjoyed being with everyone, before we all went back to our own caves to cry into our essays. I have a cute boomerang but that’s no use to anyone is it really.

But tbh I didn’t take many more photos of this term, mainly because we were snowed under for 80% of the term. It was a NIGHTMARE. We just always looked like drowned soggy rats, which is not so instagramable. Bar Lucy who still looks cute af here, scroll down for snowed on Jess.

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