Spring Vacation

So it’s the Spring vacation already, spring term is over and after three more weeks it’ll be the summer term. How did this happen? It feels like January was yesterday, not almost three months ago. I guess that’s what you get for having an 8 week teaching term, it flies by.

I would love to call this gap a holiday, but it’s a working holiday which kind of ruins the idea of a holiday. I have two exams, one presentation, 1 essay and a dissertation proposal due in next term, so I am revising, reading my lil ass off as well as working out my dissertation for the next four weeks. It’s a busy time as I’m also working at the theatre, trying to see all my family and friends while I’m back, going to Oslo and trying to make most of being back south again aka go to Cambridge, London etc. But I’d prefer to get everything ready and be in a good place for next term, when I know it’s going to be even busier than the past two, rather than get there and feel behind like this term – oops.

It’s like trial and error really, and by Summer term you just have to hope you have a clue what’s going on and are sort of ready for whatever happens, which you won’t be, but worth a try, right?

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