20 books from my degree worth reading

22nd June 2018

I haven’t got round to making posts about all the ass-kicking lil books & plays that I love, so I’m gonna start with a list of lit from my degree that I actually enjoyed and would recommend reading at some point in your life. I read a lot of classics and a lot of obscure lit […]

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Adjusting to life post-uni

21st May 2018

Okay, so while this post title is crystal clear, I am actually not completely done with uni, which is as big a surprise to me as it is to you hun. But let’s just rewind a sec! So a week ago, (I feel like I should be writing “four weeks ago”, but nope only a […]

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Spring Term Aspirations

9th January 2018

  Yesterday I started to have a lil panic as my Christmas holiday is almost over – SAD ASS TIMES – I consoled myself by singing White Christmas and then contemplating why January doesn’t have it’s own playlist? Every month should really have its own playlist right? Then we’d actually notice time passing, mind. blown. […]

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Autumn Term Week 3

15th October 2017

This has felt like a freakishly long week, somehow, and man it’s been a weird one. To sum up: I accidentally stabbed myself in the hand, put a play on about teeth, did a presentation on a book I didn’t read, bullshit about whales in my other seminar, watched the Great Gatsby and a lot […]

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Autumn Term Week 1

1st October 2017

It’s here, it’s third year *many many tears*. I now only really have two terms left of my degree, and 8 final months of living in York – ahhhhh. This makes me v sad, but also it’s really excited, bc who knows what happens next? I mean I probably do know, it’ll be me working […]

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Post Exam Celebrations

15th June 2017

18th May I’m proud to say that post exam celebrations started immediately after our last exam, Becca and I walked out of the questionable Anglo Saxon exam and straight into Courtyard opposite for a LARGE ASS GLASS OF WINE bc a miracle had just happened – we wrote things in our Anglo Saxon exam aka […]

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LitSoc Summer Ball

2nd June 2017

Last night it was the Literature Society’s Summer Ball. Becca, Lucy and I all got ready at mine with compulsory shots of gin, before we roped Jake into taking photos of us on Lucy’s beautiful camera. I love her camera but it is impossible to focus in unless you have 20 mins to play around […]

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Double Whammy Roundup: WK 4 & 5

18th February 2017

So this post is slightly delayed because life gets busy and sometimes I actually have to write things for my degree instead of blog *shock horror*, who knew? I certainly didn’t. But I’m real pleased I bullet pointed out the memorable things from WK 4&5 as I definitely did not remember half of the finger-licking […]

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Week 3: 0. Jess: 1

30th January 2017

This week has been super-duper fun, bar the cold I caught at the end of it. But to get a cold at the end of Week 3 ain’t too shabby considering most of last term I was ill literally from my arrival back into York. There has been some absolute gems this week. But let’s start […]

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