adventures in dubrovnik

Adventures in Dubrovnik

21st November 2019

Before I share my adventures in Dubrovnik, let’s get it out there… I haven’t watched Game of Thrones (don’t @ me) so this is not a GOT filled trip with tours of the locations, museums or 287490 gift shops. Another time, when I’ve watched however many million hours of TV it is, I will do […]

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sunset in the city poland

A Weekend in Krakow, Poland

18th July 2019

Last month one of my best friends and I spent a long weekend in Krakow, Poland. We absolutely loved the city more than we’d expected to! With little research, a variety of clothes and expected thunderstorms, we set out with the hope of a chilled weekend. But HOLY MOLY was it hot. I’m talking 27 […]

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