Travels in 2020

11th February 2020

Last year I managed to take several breaks in the UK and abroad and I absolutely loved it. I visited four countries (two of which I’d never been to before), one new state in the US alongside working part-time and finishing a masters. It wasn’t easy with a part-time salary and 14 days holiday after […]

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Adventuring to: Malham Cove and Gordale Scar

9th October 2017

Yesterday, Becca and I decided to spend a pound or two, on some exercise, hold onto ya hats. We went on… one of the Outdoor Society’s walks in the Yorkshire Dales. It was dreamy. I am such an outdoors kinda gal, as nothing beats having a great walk in the countryside and going to bed […]

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Autumn Term Week 2

8th October 2017

My days it’s been a busy lil week, and I have the cold to prove it. Yep, my immune system is so weak after one week of mania I have already descended into a sneezy lil snotty haze, I cry. I think I may have cured myself with lots of lemon & honey and paracetamol, […]

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The Grand Canyon, Arizona

16th September 2017

On Day 6 of our Great Bacon American Roadtrip we had booked a hotel in the Grand Canyon – and intended to go there, but we had no transport. So at 6:30am my Mum went down to the rental car section of our hotel, bc hey Vegas has everything, and she tried to get a […]

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