The dream team: Team Bacon

9th February 2020

One of the things I’m very grateful for is my family, better known as Team Bacon. In Addenbrooks hospital when my Dad was diagnosed with brain cancer, he said, “We’re Team Bacon, Team Bacon can get through anything.”  That pretty much sums up my Dad; a ridiculous sense of optimism in an annoying but charming […]

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First Friday Feeling of 2020

10th January 2020

Thank god it’s Friday. Yes it’s only 10 days into 2020, yes I’m still dazed about what day it is, but man have I got that Friday feeling. It’s the weekend! YAY. My body is not quite back on work, hustle time. I’m pushing through but I would also like to sleep. Sleep for days […]

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It feels like a Friday

12th December 2019

So I skipped two weeks of my Friday feeling posts (whoops) as I got too into feeling my friday’s rather than writing about them, so now you lucky devils you, it’s a thriple, triple, whiple whammy of positivity from the past three festive filled weeks. And oh my has it been festive! Disclaimer though, this […]

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That Friday Feeling

15th November 2019

Well hay. I missed last week’s Friday post from living my life far too much to stop and write things down – oops. So this week you got a double whammy of my favourite parts of the last two weeks that have given me that goodbye work week holla Friday feeling. My Mum’s scones  Last […]

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Love Yo’self

14th February 2019

Yes like it or not, it’s Valentine’s Day. I personally love V day, single or in a relationship, it is a time to treat yo’self to some love, and it’s also a strong reminder to appreciate the people you love. Yes, we shouldn’t need a reminder, and a 99p card and a rose doesn’t equate […]

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My 21st Birthday in Pictures

24th October 2018

Again, this feels like ages ago, because, OH WAIT IT WAS. Yep back in March I very apprehensively turned 21. In fairness, it is a great age and I am LOVING it – despite the adult responsibilities, endless workload and constant googling of how everyday things work, such as credit score. Anyhoo, my 21st began […]

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January: Week 2

14th January 2018

Two weeks down, only 50 to go, where is the year going? It’s practically over already. But I have finally had a productive week, THANK GOD, as I had about 358498 things to do before I moved back to chilly-ass York today. And I’m pleasantly surprised by how many of them I’ve done. I think […]

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January: Week 1

7th January 2018

Hiya. One week done of 2018 already… has anyone else massively failed to transform themselves? Yasss join the club. Turns out I have not as of yet got out of my Christmas mindset and cravings, I still expect every evening to be filled with prosecco, cheese and many a mince pie, but it seems to […]

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My Favourite Things about 2017

7th January 2018

Yep, smidge late to the boat, and not to sound too Julie Andrews but here’s a few of my favourite things from 2017. Before you ask, they are not brown paper packages tied up with string as Pinterest as that now is Julie, it’s still just sad. So let’s ave it: Taking a Road Trip […]

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