The Grand Canyon, Arizona

16th September 2017

On Day 6 of our Great Bacon American Roadtrip we had booked a hotel in the Grand Canyon – and intended to go there, but we had no transport. So at 6:30am my Mum went down to the rental car section of our hotel, bc hey Vegas has everything, and she tried to get a […]

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Hoover Dam, Nevada

29th August 2017

So as we drove from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon we passed the Hoover Dam, but as you can’t see it from the road we pulled in down a very narrow steep winding road – my Mum’s favourite type lol jokes – and went through high security aka drove up to a man and […]

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Las Vegas, Nevada

28th August 2017

So Vegas is nothing like LA, or anywhere ever. It completely has it’s own thang going on. Now we drove from LA which took us around four hours, through the desert and with Friday traffic – good one Bacons – before out of nowhere in the middle of nothing was shiny Vegas BABY. It was […]

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USA Roadtrip

18th August 2017

I am currently compiling together all my photographs (5,000+ of them as we took a lot of photos of the desert as we thought we needed them at the time – we don’t) from my latest family holiday to the US, where we road-tripped from LA, to Vegas, to the Grand Canyon, and then flew to […]

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